Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finishing What I Started: Revisted.

You may remember this post from March where I challenged myself (and some of you) to knock the dust off those books on your shelves and get around to reading them.  Many of you share my love of reading and maybe my love of books.  I have an ipad, a kindle, and a small library of physical books all of which I adore.  I can never have enough books in my possession, enough in my currently reading section of good reads, or enough on my excel sheet of books I've read.

But I wanted to revist my goal and so I went back and counted from my reading list for this year how many books I've read from my own shelves or eshelves.  Curious? 17!  So far in 2012 I have read 17 of the books I've been saving until I get around to them while constantly buying more.  But I pretty much paused the buying in order to dominate some of what I already have!

Better still, I've continued my love for passing them on!  Amber and I have been exchanging books like crazy this year but I've also passed on books to Mia, Jo, and Lindsey too!  It's clearing spots for the books people keep generously giving me and those I keep acquiring whether through purchase or trade.

The last post got a great response from many of you who thought you should try the's it coming?



Amber said...

You are seriously on a roll!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I've actually been doing the same! I'm on my second novel that's been sitting on my shelf for a while. And I've been plowing through a lot of my Christian books as well!

Thanks for passing a book on to me! :)

Katie said...

That's awesome! I used to spend SO MUCH money on books before I discovered the library. How did I never use the library before?? I think I've bought less than 10 books in the last three years b/c I just borrow them all for free! (Of course, I still do have a million unread books on my bookshelves too... lol)

Such a great idea to pass them on too-- I have a ton that I could get rid of but just haven't.