Monday, July 30, 2012

Cheers to the Weekend.

As you all know I was away last weekend in Myrtle Beach, flew back to Tampa late Sunday night (well, later than planned thanks to delays) and threw myself head first into a busy, busy week both personally and professionally.  So when this weekend rolled around I was excited to play catch up with friends as well as to celebrate two birthdays, work most of Saturday, volunteer at church after service Sunday, work on my tan, and craft with two of my favorite ladies.  This was certainly not a weekend of rest but I will say, it was refreshing non-the-less.

Friday I celebrated the birthday of my new-ish and fabulous friend Patricia.  Patricia, Toni, and I's lunch dates have become a highlight of my life, really, and I love having them on the calender even when we have to put them there 2 months in advance to make them work with our crazy, busy lives.  I left that lunch so encouraged and wishing that I could have stayed all day with them.  I truly adore those two.

Friday night I went out to dinner to celebrate the birthday of my friend Preston with them and his friends at 'The Pub' on Bay Street.  My first time there were I was confused by the playing of the opening ceremonies and began to ponder if the Olympics were going to turn into the Hunger Games and I should learn to shoot a bow.

Saturday, as I said, I worked.  So yeah, not a ton to say about that.  However I did manage to clean my house on my break in the afternoon, so it is grateful after my neglect of the 2 weeks before.

Sunday was a perfect end to the weekend.  Loved sharing 'big church' with the kids this week and having Pastor Mike (who I went to Haiti with in April) share from the word.  I also volunteered after service distributing tees to the kids going to 'Summer Explosion' (our version of vacation bible school) this week.  It was so fun interacting with the kids, who I rarely see in my serving roles within the church, and getting to know Pastor Mike's son who was working with me.

Had lunch with friends at Beefs, went out for frozen yogurt, and then did a few things around the house before craft night.  Craft night was potentially the post exciting part of my weekend.  Kayla, Jessica, and I made coasters.  I made a set for myself and one for my sister who recently became a homeowner!

 (for my house)
 (For my sister)

We did pause to go watch the sunset over the water...

How amazing is that? I feel so blessed to live in Florida and experience beauty like this regularly.  I'm about to head into the office to lead our staff in a devotional time this morning, so I need to sign off by wishing you all a great Monday!



Leanna Vera said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I really like those you have how to instructions?

Nichole said...

Haaa, I kind of felt the same about the opening ceremonies...and I love the Pub! A tad pricey but good!