Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Ok Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok.... be totally confused about what day of the week it is.  A midweek holiday throws everyone off! not stay awake long enough to watch fireworks (and be so tired from being in the sun all day you slept right through the noise). be so excited to finally be tannish again.  I'm hawaiin, I should never be pale.  Ask my neighbors, they were concerned. be excited/ready for family vacation in 2 weeks. be obsessed with reading and also with not having Goodreads yell at you for being behind. be excited to be crushing your savings goals for the year. think your niece is the cutest kid the world. have spent last night (yes, the 4th) planning out your next two weeks between now and vacation. be more in love with life everyday. randomly be sipping coffee in your living room and realize how grateful you are to have a home.  I spent yesterday morning praising the Lord for my dreams that have come true. be grateful to live in the USA.  As much as I want to travel the world, there's no place I'd rather live.  Ok fine, maybe Europe.



Meghan said...

Congrats, girl! I am right there with you with the savings goals:) Where is your family vacay???

Leah said...

aww what a positive and uplifting post! Your joy and happiness is shining through your words :)

Tiffany said...

I feel you on being confused about what day of the week it is. I'm totally thrown off!

Love your part about being thankful for your blessings! So easy to overlook that! :)


Neely said...

Ummm what day is it? haha

Asha said...

I'm totally thrown off by the holiday too and have to admit that I missed out on the fireworks as well due to jet-lag and housework :/
p.s. - I was just thinking about how much I would love to hang out sometime! Are you going to the blog meetup/painting night?

A Shopaholic Runner said...

Glad to know the Wednesday holiday has thrown off everyone in American and not just me. All day yesterday I thought it was Sunday. The good news is we are all going to be so excited when we finally realize tomorrow is Friday!