Monday, February 11, 2013

Do Good.

I saw this shirt the other day that said 'do good' on it and for some reason the rest of the day it didn't leave my mind.  Do good.  What exactly does that mean?

As I'm exiting the time of the year in which I've finished working on my goals for 2013 I've had much to think about.  I can safely say 2013 will be a big year for me in many ways.  I have a few surprises and tricks up my sleeves and I look forward to sharing the journey with you here as I go.  But as I plan my next year I keep wondering, what's it look like to do good?

See, as a believer I try not to be too caught up in 'works'.  I don't believe in karma. I don't think I'm going to earn my way into heaven.  I don't think all the 'good' I can ever do will save me.  But I desire to be someone who lives a life of purpose and whose relationships and time leave behind a legacy.  So in that sense, I want to 'do good' this year.

So here's what I've narrowed it down to, for me.  Picking a few people to really invest my time, my energy, and my effort into this year.  One such friend I'm working with on her goals this year and I'm proud and excited to announce she's one payment away from being credit card debt free and on her way to paying off her education - I am literally thrilled.  After a few months of meetings, brainstorms, ideas, and even helping her find ways to make some extra money I look forward to celebrating every victory with her in 2013.

You know me, I always bring everything back to relationships.  So to me, 'do good' means investing in people in the right way and giving of yourself, your time, and your talents this year.  Find those couple special people to invest in this year and do some good.


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