Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Recap.

This weekend was a weekend for celebrating!  My sweet friends Jessica and Mike are headed to Cancun to get hitched this week and sadly I couldn't go with them BUT I did get to celebrate Jessica's last unwed weeked with her and friends on a pirate cruise!  Props to her for coming up with a unique Batchelorette celebration idea!  It was a beautiful sunset and champagne cruise and we had so much fun...

                    (also, I ran into 2 of my friends from Indiana who were on the same cruise!)

 (the beautiful bride to be and the girls)

(Pirate ship dance party - the best part of the cruise by far!)

Sunday I got to celebrate another sweet friends new baby girl!  I'm so excited for Paige and her growing family and it was so sweet to meet baby Corrie.  Sadly, I'm a loser and I didn't snap any pictures during the baby shower - but I did have a blast seeing all the lovely ladies from my church.

Along with celebrating friends this weekend I got back into my couponing groove, got organized to entertain guests twice this week, and caught up around the house. I finally feel like I have my feet underneath me from Africa.  Whew.

Happy Tuesday - and sorry my weekend recap is a day late but I had to tell you about the pirate cruise!


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