Saturday, February 2, 2013

Learning to Be a Morning Person.

This is an ecky topic, isn't it?  Most of us have thought at least a time or two - ' I wish I would get up early and ....'.  Fill in your own needs here.  Workout. Read my bible.  Pack my lunch.  Be on time.  I don't think I'm really a morning person or a night person to be honest.  My perfect day would include sleeping until 8 and being back in bed with a book by 9pm, so maybe I don't have a pleasant part of my day?

It was funny that I started this year without really specifying it as 'wanting to be a morning person' but knowing in my mind somewhere that's what I was trying to accomplish when one of my coworkers, Daniel, told a group of us he's learning to be a morning person.  I thought, oh my gosh, me too!  And it really is that, learning.  It's a process.

Daniel gave me this great article about this that I recommend if you've been thinking the same thing.  But he and I have been comparing notes along the way and now, a month in, we both agree - we're loving it!  The first few days were a little brutal.  I've started getting up 2 hours before I have to leave the house for work.  This has had quite a few positive results:

1. I have not missed a single day of my bible reading.  Not one.  I haven't skimped out on the Lord or thought 'maybe before bed' or fallen behind a single day.  And I love it.  A week in I was already waking up excited for my morning reading instead of thinking 'no one will know if I don't go down there and read that bible'.

2. I haven't been late to work once.  Not that I ever really was late.  I could count on one hand the times in my whole working life (of 12ish years) that I've been late and every time has been for a reason (and of course, with a call).  But now I don't feel like I'm running out the door still trying to put my shoes on only to realize when I get to work, I forgot my lunch.  I'm actually walking out the door calmly and ready for my day.  I'm digging the effects that's having on my sanity and my work life.

3. It's helping me reach all of my goals.  Ok, that sounds cheesy but it's actually true.  One of the suggestions in the article I put my stamp of approval on is writing.  I don't sit down and write a dear diary entry everyday (or ever) but I do make notes from my readings, where I'm at with my goals, and what's inspiring me to get where I want to go.  It's had a profound effect on my success over the years and even more so this year as I'm already crushing most of my goals.

Leo makes some great suggestions for how to work towards being a morning person. I've been wracking my brain to see if I have anything profound to add. I guess mine would be to have a place you go when get up.  I have two, honestly.  I have a reading chair in my room that I love to curl up with a throw blanket (which I always have handy) and do my reading and writing there.  In the mornings though, I often read downstairs on my couch because it's close to my coffee pot and let's be real - this not-so-morning-inclined gal needs her caffeine to be worth anything.  But I think having a place you hop out of bed and go to be with your morning routine is wise.

Also, I would recommend NOT starting by getting ready for work.  Your morning routine seems to take the exact amount of minutes you have available no matter what.  So if you start with that, chances are you won't have the time or clear mind to really do what you set out to with your morning.  I head down to meet with my coffee, bible, and moleskin with my pjs on and my hair a muck.

I guess the burning question you're probably feeling now is - is it really worth it?  I think I can speak for Daniel and I both when I say it has been.  Absolutely worthwhile.  I am in love with the new routine and with the difference in me, my goals,and my accomplishments that an extra 45 minutes in the morning is making.

So, I will cheers you will a sleepy face and a giant mug of coffee (this mug was a gift from my Mom for Christmas and is literally HUGE) and say - best of luck to you.  It's a marathon not a sprint.



Nichole said...

I try to be a morning person but have to say I have a hard time getting up an earlier than I need to during the work week!

Kenj said...

Oh I love being a morning person. I need to be better at it though. Although I cna wake up at almost any time to do things, I chose other wise. I need to get back in my routine..and I LOVE YOUR MUG!

lil desiqua said...

I'm more of a night owl. I really like this article though. I've put my alarm clock across the room and it definitely helps me to "jump" out of bed! Much harder to smack the snooze button from across the room! Thanks for sharing!