Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekends Away.

I had no idea how badly I would need a little weekend away with friends when I booked my cheapy flight to Indiana four months ago.  But these past four months have been action packed and I can say with complete honest that this weekend really morphed from the intended agenda to what ended up being an incredibly timely and perfect weekend away.

I was supposed to depart for Indianapolis Thursday night so I could spend a little time with two of my favorite guy friends before I headed south for the remainder of my self-proclaimed long weekend.  But I guess the ice storm of the midwest had other ideas because my flight was cancelled and I found myself here in Tampa Thursday night.  I took the time to relax with a book and a few chores and get my mind right for the weekend ahead.

Friday morning I caught a flight to Indy to meet up with my sweet friend Meagan.  Meagan and I met our freshman year of college in the photography lab where we were both, at the time, photo majors.  After our freshman years our paths took elsewhere (her to another college and mine eventually out of art school and into Social Work which of course isn't what I do now either, go figure) but we stayed in touch throughout the years thanks in large part to Facebook.  It's really been in the last two years that we've gotten really close, though.  I am so grateful that our friendship really stepped up in a time in both of our lives where we wanted and needed that.  Meagan has been an incredible friend and encouragement to me and in so many ways inspires me.  What a blessing she is.

We spend Friday afternoon at the outlet malls.  We've both been doing some purging and it's time to replace and revamp our wardrobes (except another post related to this at a later date).  But we had the best time and we ended up both finding perfect jeans (which we both bought 2 of) and matching sweatshirts (which you will observe in one of the photos below).

We came home to a delicious meal cooked by Meag's sweet husband Tyler.  Talk about the star treatment - a homemade meal right off the bat!...and that boy can cook!

Saturday morning we got to relax at home, drink smoothies, and talk face-to-face instead of our usual 6am-10pm texting routine.  We also headed to Drake (Meagan and Tyler's 5-year-old son)'s basketball game.  If you've never watched 5-year-old's ball you're missing out.

Saturday night they took me to meet some of their friends at a birthday party (yes, I'm a party crasher).  They have the sweetest friends, I loved getting to know them.  There's something extra special about meeting your long distance friend's other friends and just getting to be a part of their lives and relationships for a weekend.

Sunday we headed back to Indy a little early to have lunch with my sweet Momma.  She is THE best, truly.  And I get so spoiled when I get to be with my close friends and my family in one place.  For that, I am so grateful for Indiana which is home to so many of my favorite people.

(note: matching sweatshirts here)

After these sweet pictures my Mom and I got a little alone time parked in the cell phone lot and then I hopped a flight home to Tampa.  It was so fun to get a little face time with her though and to pray with her in the car about the coming seasons in my life, her life, and the lives of each of our precious family members. This year promises in true Christensen fashion to be a busy one.

I came back Sunday night so grateful for the Lord's provision of wonderful friendships and time away to recoup, renew, and refresh.  I am excited for several upcoming weekends away with friends.  I would hop a flight to see friends just about every weekend if I could get away with it (slash afford it).  Ok, now that talking about it is making me miss sipping coffee with these fine folks, I'm going to sign off this post.


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Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

Perfect jeans - what are those?! I have never ever had a pair. *sigh*

Glad you were able to have a weekend away!