Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring Travels.

I know, I know I just got home and I haven't even caught up on laundry or cleared my desk of paperwork but I have to share how excited I am for the rest of my spring travels.  Partly because as a belated Christmas gift I finally got a large across body bag:

(image from

I'm so excited to try it out for the first time in just a few short weeks when I kick off a trifecta of spring travels with a trip to Indiana.  I know what you're thinking - I JUST saw my parents at Christmas. Well sadly for them this Indiana trip isn't about them - it's for friends.  I'll kick the weekend off with two of my favorite boys in Greenwood, followed by 2 days in Seymour with favorite former photography classmate and her sweet family, lunch with Candy at her new place of employment (if only my work had a cafeteria - can we get on that?), and possibly a quick bfast with my parents before it's back to Tampa Sunday afternoon.

I've shared before that one of my favorite things about budgeting is that it keeps my funds up - including my travel fund.  I bought this flight to Indiana during a super sale (less than $75 each way) just because and now, 4 months later, I'm thrilled to be going - even though I expect I will freeze near to death.  From Africa to New York to Florida to Indiana? My poor body has no idea whats going on.

Ok so, that takes care of the excitements of Feb (Africa in Jan, Indiana in Feb...are you keeping up?)... well, I'm just getting warmed up!  March will be taking me on my second annual Easter trip to see my sweet baby niece (who's actually getting quite big).  I can't wait to spend the weekend with my sister Rae, bro-in-law, and Noa up in North Carolina at the end of March.  I'm also hoping it will include a coffee date with Jo and Mia.

That sounded like the perfect spring to me until the Southwest Sale struck again and tempted me into booking a flight to a city I've ALWAYS wanted to see and one of my closest friends - Auburn!  That's right friends I'm grabbing my boots and heading to the great state of Texas where big hair reigns supreme. Austin in April? Don't mind if I do.

It's going to be an exciting spring and I'm looking forward to checking - 'Visit one new US city' off my goal list for the year early in the year (and possibly a second in September).  Not quite sure what excitement May will hold yet but I can promise you this year isn't going to be dull.



MK said...

If you are headed to Austin, you must stop at Gordough's doughnut food truck. It's not diet friendly unfortunately, but delicious! And split one with a friend. I came nowhere close to finishing mine :) That's their website.

Katie said...

Where in NC are you going?? We should meet up!!

Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

Sounds like fun! (but exhausting)

I've been itching for a trip to Charleston, one of my favorite vacation spots!