Saturday, July 11, 2009

All Star Dad - Ray's Event.

Inside the group floor of Tropicana Field

Today was my first All Star Dad (baseball) event with the Family First crew!  Meredith and I had so much fun (as always) helping out.  I love going to baseball games but admit that my knowledge of the game and especially players names leaves MUCH to be desired!  It was neat to see the insides of the stadium though and the Rays personnel was delightful.  Mer and I snapped a few pictures to commemorate the day.

It was neat for Meredith to get to meet all my FF buddies that I love working events with as well as see what the Father/Kid days are all about!  We worked registration so we got to meet the families and see some darling kids.  Vicki kept us in fits of giggles with her funny country sayings - we want to steal them all.

One piece of advice though, if you're going to work early mornings events with Meredith don't ask her any deep questions before 6am, the answers will completely confuse you!  I got a stern history lesson and talking to pre-caffeine this morning.  

If you didn't make it out for this weeks event, make sure you catch a Father/Kid day some day soon!


Mer & I snagged a pic @ the Bright House book and some gear from some of the other vendors!

Here's a few of the field from up top and you can see the big tank of sting rays that you're allowed to pet & feed (not today though, sadly).

On the field!

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