Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ode to sisterhood.

In my old age I have grown increasingly sentimental.  After my recent tweetfession of seeing My Sister's Keeper (for the second time) and missing my sisters more, that feeling has only grown.  Today my beautiful, brilliant older sister, Rachel is graduating with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina.  As the only member of my immediate family not present today, I find myself again in a bit of a 'missing my sisters' funk.

When you have sisters as incredible as mine, how can you not hate being away from them?  We're currently living in three different states and pursuing God's plans for our lives as best we can.  We're all happy and content within our own lives but I find myself often wishing that our lives brought us to the same towns more often.

Sibling relationships are just the best aren't they? 

Recently I went to Chapel Hill to see my older sister.  After a tough but important soul searching year for me of being out on my own, I felt that my relationship with her needed more effort from me to see her face-to-face.  Quality time ranking high on both of our 'love language' scales.  While there I was staying in the office on an airmattress. Rach made the comment that it was weird for her to have a boy spending the night.  Since she's been married for over 2 years now, this feeling is hilarious!  But don't we all do that?  You grown up so fast and you fit into your grown up life until  you get around your family and it's as if time stood still, only for you.

Last time I was in Indy visiting my family Ruthie was out after midnight (babysitting I discovered later) and I had to laugh at myself after I asked my parents, who's going to pick her up?  She's 18, she's been driving herself for 2 years now.  She's also going to college and I still feel like I should be offering to tuck her in at night.

My sisters and I have a unique closeness that I attribute in large part to needing each other to survive growing up.  After countless moves and more than a little press drama, my sisters weren't just my siblings they were my best friends. On more than a few post-move occasions, they were also my only friends.  After you've been through those kind of transitions (esp as a teenage girl) with your sisters, the bonds are forever.

Since today is Rae's big day I think I'll share a few memories of her...

Once, I got Rachel spanked.  It was nap time and we had strict policies about this in our house.  Once we were put in bed there was no playing.  You stayed in your bed for the duration of 'rest time'.  Well I was always a bit of a mischievous kid.  I was laying with my feet where my head should be and my head at the bottom of my bed.  I was using my toes to play with the blinds on the window between Rachel and I's bed.  I knocked the blinds off the wall.  This secured my getting in trouble...

Rachel to the rescue.  She got out of her bed to help me fix the blinds before my parents came in and found me out.  Only she got caught red handed being out of bed during rest time.  We both got spanked.  She hasn't let me live that one down ever since.  When Ruth brags about being the one of us who got the least spankings (something I still argue is not because she DESERVED the least) - Rachel always reminds me that the blinds related spankings were totally my bad.

Before you start thinking she's the sweet one though, she did finally confess a few years ago that she cheated at Candy Land our ENTIRE childhood!  She rigged the cards.  She was always so clever....I should have know.

Rachel always hated being the center of attention.  Lucky for her she only had to hold the spotlight for a little over 2 years before I came along and was happy to take over.  We have endless home video's of Rachel trying her hardest to dodge the camera and me being more than willing to sing, dance, tell jokes, or practice accents in her place.  We made a good pair.

In high school Rachel was the perfect older sister.  While all my friends siblings ditched them every chance they got Rach would beg me to come along for practically everything.  We went to the same bible studies, hung out with the same friends,  stayed out late and rode home together after endless amounts of local band shows.  She never made me feel like a tag-a-long.  In fact, even after I got my license and preferred to drive myself so I could actually be on time AND leave when I wanted - she'd still beg me to go with her instead.

Rach was my constant encourager. She always lovingly pushed me to pursue the things I wanted.  Whether boys, school, or work she'd build me up and guide me through.  Somehow she always knew when I needed it.  In return, I was her support system when she needed it.  When she was upset I was the one she'd wake up in the night or take with her on a ride in the car to DJ sad songs while we cried about whatever incident she was upset about.  I was also the one that gotten woken up after prom dates and such...including the time we were staying a lady from our churches lake house while our house was being remodeled.  It was prom night and after I'd gone back to sleep from the first time she woke me to tell me about her night, I was woken AGAIN when she woke up to find a roach crawling on her. Eck.

I could write for hours about sweet Rach.  I wish that I was there with her on her special day but even from afar I'm beaming.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  Not only for what she's accomplished but for who she's become.


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