Thursday, July 9, 2009

Up to speed - June Edition.

It's been an interesting transition over the past few months to begin blogging about things other than just my life. I find that when I chose blogs to read I don't want to read entry after entry about someone's day. I sleep, eat, and work too, you know? Writing about yourself and your life is fine, but hopefully if you consider yourself any sort of writer you expand beyond that point.

The "Mr Right Challenge" has been a great chance for me to do something with the intention of writing about it. This is a new branch of blogging for me that has certainly been interesting for me as a 'writer' (self-proclaimed). I find that I more consistently read blogs of those who do this form of 'research'. Tell me what you're doing and tell me how it is shaping who you are.

That being said I have recently written about my research of the datin
g realm and I've explored my thoughts on a variety of self-exploring thought excercises.  If you have some topics you'd like to see me tackle in the future (something non-dating related preferably) than I'm open to some ideas!  I do love a challenge.  But I what I haven't done real recently it just tell you what I've been up to! So, in the event that you read this blog and you care - here's a bit of insight.

Rach & I in route to adventure - NC

The highlight of the month of June was my trip to Raleigh/Chapel Hill, North Carolina to see my sister Rachel and Bro-in-law, Chris. I'm a bit ashamed to admit this was my first visit to see them since their wedding, over 2 years ago! It was a great time to play catch up on each others lives and just enjoy their company. If you've never been to Chapel Hill I highly recommend it - what a great little college town! We ate at some fantastic local joints, shopped the vintage stores on campus, shopped all the 'good stores' in the Raleigh mall, and watched the entire first season of Gossip Girl in 4 days!

I also got to meet Rach and Chris's neighbors/fellow church goers over dinner one night and embarrassingly fell asleep on the floor while they were still there hanging out after. Hey, long day of travel, what can I say? Better still, Rach cooked dinner for 2 of my very favorite native North Carolinians (I set the table) Saturday night and I got to catch up with Travis and Bennett Johnson over Chicken Parm. Delish. They are great friends and it was wonderful to get some time with them while up that way!  I'm hoping there's more hangout time with those two coming soon to an area near me.

Rach & I out to dinner on our 'Girls Night Out' sporting out new dresses.

As those of you who know me ( or have had more than a 30 second conversation with me) know, I have a passion for fashion. So, Rach let me help her put together some new outfits & dig through vintage stores for just the right pair of cowboy boots.  We found a pair of boots we later determined weren't quite right and she returned them.  We bought the dresses were wearing in the picture above as well.  But I believe the coolest purchase of the weekend was my Super Bowl 20 Bears tee.  As both a fan of Lovie Smith and his boys who have been loyal friends of mine since our days in Tampa together - I'm a big Bears supporter!  So this season while I cheer them on I will be sporting this lovely find...

There's a little taste of June.  July updates will be even more exciting, I hope.


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