Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pants on Fire.

In pursuit of a job with Child Protection Services I had to jump through some interesting hoops. The most unique perhaps, was the taking of two polygraph tests, or lie detector tests if you will.  An experience I didn't expect to ever endure but one for which I am thankful.  Not simply because it offers an interesting blog topic but for the insight it provided.

Parents are supposed to tell you that the decisions you make will effect your future.  It's written in their job description, along with teaching you to tie your shoes.  They drill that into you and like not swimming after you eat. You never see their point until you have a scare.  Or perhaps I am the only stubborn one.

I came face to face with a lifetime of decisions when I was put in the hot seat.  Here I was strapped in 4 different ways to a machine that would determine whether I was telling the detectives what they wanted to hear or the plain truth.  Time to face the music.  Would my life measure up?

The questions were invasive.  The were prying.  They were appalling.  They were over the top and across the line.  I couldn't help releasing a huge sigh of relief over the ease with which I was able to answer questions that surely had made the bravest of social workers sweat.  Try as they might the questions couldn't throw me off because the lifestyle I had lead up until that point hadn't given me answers to be ashamed of.

I flung my Coach purse over my shoulder and exited the marble lobby with heels a-clicking, awestruck.  For many people the moment when you have to face a lifetime of tough choices and under the gun decisions will never come.  Your choices may not haunt you in a Meet The Parents style.  However, what you do in life and the person you become along the way ultimately find a way out.

I challenge you to live a life of excellence.  Whether or not you ever find yourself strapped to a computer facing an officer addressing issues of your sexual integrity, past honesty, drinking and drug history, and attitude towards former employers - you will find that someday those choices surface.  Be someone you can own up to.  You get only one chance, use it wisely.


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