Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comedy Club Challenge.

First, I would like to report that I'm slightly disappointed to be the only of 5 participants who's actually still doing our dating challenge.  Boo.  

One of my challenges was to visit a comedy club.  This ended up working perfectly as I was gifted 8 tickets to Improv Comedy Club in Ybor City, FL.  I'd never been to Improv before but Ybor is a fun, artsy district that's crawling with young people, so what a great place to meet people!  I will go ahead and say that Ybor can be a bit wild on weekend nights and the party crowd is not a place I'd look for a potential mate BUT Sunday night's at Improv proved not to be too wild a group.

We saw Bert Kreisher (I hope I spelled that right) and 3 guys went before him with a few one-liners.  I admit I was a little panicked after seeing the openers, 2 of which I thought were awful.  Bert however proved to be hilarious!  Warning: as with every comedy act I've seen there were some off color remarks that I would never repeat so I hesitate to recommend the experience but for me, it seemed worth putting up with a few because overall, the act was great.

A different set of friends and I are returning this weekend actually to see a 10-person-comedy-battle Sunday night. So who knows, maybe I'll have more details to share soon.

In the mean time, let's talk dating and comedy as a combo.  I didn't actually meet one new person at the show.  Once they sat us, at our own table in the front of the room, we had no interaction with the rest of the attendees.  It would have been awkward and inappropriate to randomly wander the tables introducing myself.

I think a comedy club would be a better place to go WITH a date after you've already found the person you want to be with.  It would be a fabulously fun and unconventional outing for a couple.  So that would be my suggestion before I would recommend looking for a date there.  But who know knows...with 10 comedians this weekend maybe the vibe will be different and there will be more interaction and mingling.  If so, I will report back with different opinions.

In the mean time, I do have a request.  If you have any good ideas for topics, challenges, or projects you'd like to see me take on and blog about in the near future I am in search of some.  I've greatly enjoyed the dating challenge as a way to blog about something people find entertaining (whether they're in the dating boat or not) and I'd like to continue to do some sort of adventure seeking to keep the blog about more than just me.

One suggestion I've had is to write about the places that I've been.  I love this idea because it seems to me that most people have at least some interest in activities and outings in other cities.  I have been blessed to be a great many places and see so many wonderful things, I may just have to take this challenge and start sharing them with you.  

All suggestions can be sent to me via e-mail @


Note: This weekend I will be working a charity function, my version of one of my challenges (to attend one).  So a blog on that will be coming soon!

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