Monday, June 28, 2010

8 Days!

So my vacation to the Carolinas is only 8 days away and I can hardly wait! I'm so excited about my trip I'm not even dreading that I will again have to pack a bag (I'm still working on unpacking from my last flight) and take 2 more flights to get there (layovers are the bane of my existence!). Now that is true excitement (for me).

The days until then we'll not be uneventful, however. Tonight I must finally cage myself into the condo and get some cooking and cleaning done for this eventful week at home. Tomorrow on our lunch break my department (which is 3 people small) is coming over for lunch. My director has never seen the condo (ack!). On the menu is White Chicken Lasagna - prepared at a previous session at Dinner Done.

While I'm already heating up the kitchen cooking tonight, I'm going to go ahead cook lunch for my Wednesday company! I'm having our interns over for lunch @ my place Wednesday. We have 6 interns this summer, which is intense. But I believe only four of them will be around for the fun. On the menu for Wednesday lunch are double stack dillas (also made at dinner done) and they're bringing dessert, chip n salsa, and drinks. Should be a fun chance to get to know them a little better - outside of the office environment.

Small group is taking a break for the 4th this week so I will have Thursday blissfully to myself before I start a 4 day weekend of relaxation, sun, workouts, and the like. I plan to get a great base tan working before I head up north to 6 days of beaches with my family. That way when I return to work, church, etc I will look like I've really been on a vacay. I love that feeling.

Still not certain how I want to celebrate the 4th this year. Honestly, my only request is that it involves fireworks! I never use to be into fireworks (even as a kid) but in my old age I'm growing more sentimental and my family has had some great 4th of Julys over the years. Seems only right I ring in this years with the traditional watching of a firework show. Considering a festival out in St Pete Friday night perhaps. We shall see.

Update on my reading: I'm still iffy on my feelings towards The Red Tent (62% done) and am closing in on the halfway mark for 'Sweet Ruin', for which my interest is mounting. Hoping to finish both this week so that I will enter July on book 27 of 50 for this year. Though I expect that I will pull ahead of my personal goals for reading over my week at the beach. Between 4 plane flights, a car ride, the beach, and nights in with the fam I expect I will knock out quite a few books in that time.

I'm once again taking recommendations, so if anyones read a good one lately - hit me up.


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