Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updates, Updates.

Hello Darlings.

Life remains busy in the bay area for this go-getter. Booked 2 more flights for 2010 this week - to Indiana for Candy's Wedding (free flight courtesy of Southwest - love ya!) and to Nashvegas in August for work. I leave in 12 days for Myrtle Beach & Isle of Palms with la familia (that's pretty much all the Spanish I know, be impressed). I fly as much as a bird these days...I may just forget how to keep my feet on the ground by December.

This weekend I'm staying put and spending time with my Tampa family - the Huhtas. Sweet Bryn's turning 18 this weekend! Can't wait to celebrate her @ Ellas in Seminole Heights (the cutest little place you ever did see!). Can't decide what to wear...what do you all think of this dress:

Image borrowed from here.

This dress was a fabulous on sale find at the local Marshalls btw - Dave Ramsey approved. I've tried it with nude Guess heels and with a Stella and Dot bib necklace and black peep toes. Votes are welcome for which to sport this weekend. I guess nude heels little or no jewelry would be more casual. Hmm.

Found a cute pair of jeans on sale at Gap for $13 bucks today. No lie. $13. Amazing. Every once in a while you walk in and hit the jackpot. I rarely even set foot in a Gap since preppy isn't really my style. I like a little more color and glitz in my life then the typical Gap shopper - but as with any store you never know what you'll find that you can work into the perfect little outfit.

You may have noticed I've been adding quickly to the book list on the left side of my blog. I am almost halfway through my 25th book of 2010. We're currently reading The Red Tent for book club. Jury is still out for me on how I feel about it. Fictional stories based on biblical characters are always a bit intriguing to me. Theres a little more of a sexual vibe to it then I care to read typically - maybe it just freaks me out that 4 sisters are married to the same man. Having 2 sisters of my own, it's hard not to be a bit creeped out by that...even realizing that social norms were different in biblical days.

For those of you who caught my video blog, you already know that I am now leading a small group (bible study) in my home! That is going amazingly well and I continue to be inspired and challenge by our current study entitled: Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild. She's refreshingly frank and I appreciate a to-the-point gal. I am pleased and grateful for how the group is taking off...God is so good.

Oh yeah, I can't believe I almost forgot... I won biggest loser (the work edition). It always feels good to win but honestly, the contest itself was great for all of us and together the 3 of us lost over 40 lbs in 10 weeks. So it was a great team effort to get healthy and fit for the summer (and forever). I considered showing you all my before and after pics but just couldn't bring myself to post my double chin on the internet. Gross.

Who's got exciting plans for the 4th of July? My only request is a tan and some fireworks. I don't care where or with who. Still working on those deets.



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