Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from the Nati.

Well I'm back and 48 hours later, still recovering from my quick trip to the 'nati. Good ole Ohio. The trip was actually a blast. We got to eat an some famous Cinci locations. Loved getting a little best friend time with Candy who was so sweet to drive 2 hours to get up at 4am and work like a dog with the rest of us to pull off what was a terrific event despite some weather complications. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life - she's incredible!

Finished my 24th book of 2010. I'm finally getting caught up after a couple weeks of feeling behind in my goal of 50 books. Need to finish 25 by the end of July to be halfway by halfway through this year. Wow, hard to believe half of 2010 is already over, isn't it?

Here's some advice for my young female readers, beware of murder mysteries even if they are free on Kindle! I about broke my hairdryer on the wall killing my own shadow. Realized just in time that there was in fact, no intruder. Whew. But really, Hide was certainly suspenseful and for once I didn't figure out the ending before I got to it. Amazing.

I'm not keeping my feet firmly on the ground for 2 whole weeks before I head north for vacay with my wonderful family. Of course my fam picked the beach which has lost some of it's vacay appeal since I live 10 minutes from it here in FL and our beaches are arguably superior to the Carolina beaches anyway. But since family time is the point, I guess it doesn't matter. Plus I never complain about a couple extra hours of sun on my saturated skin.

In light of my recent life of being on airplanes I've developed a like to the below song. Excuse that while it's an edit version they do say the h-e-double hockey sticks word. But after hearing it a few times I frequently wonder if it's inspired anyone to start trying to wish on airplanes and if in fact, anyones ever wished on the airplane I'm on.

For those of us who have known what it's like to wish for a different life, there's something relatable about this song. And for those of us who have seen some wishes come true, it's a good reminder.

I don't wish on airplanes myself, I have a different method for directing my prayers...long, rather humorous conversations. I'm frequently teased about just how real I am in my prayer life (mostly by the girls in my small group).

Anyway, it's good to be back home and back on the blog.


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Dana Higgins said...

i love the haircut beccaaa :)