Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pittsburgh, PA.

Candace and I's room @ the hotel.

Me and my crazy coworkers out @ the Pittsburgh Steak Company for dinner.

Candace and I - not a bad pic after a loong day.

Coach Tomlin and his daughter Harley at our event - bad quality thanks to my blackberry.

So I spent this past weekend in Pittsburgh, PA for the first time ever (at least that I remember) - who really knows with my family. Anywho, I flew up with our Steelers event team Friday morning. Candace and I managed to get a bad case of car sickness on the way from the airport to the UMPC Sports Performance Complex. Who know that PA was mountainous and the roads full of sharp curves? Yikes. But we rallied once we arrived and got to work stuffing good bags and dropping tables.

After event prep we headed to the hotel to check in. The hotel was brand new this year and absolutely beautiful. We all loved it. Candace and I were bunked up for the weekend as roomie and we settled right in before a quick freshen up and off to dinner.

Our lone Pittsburgh coworker (who telecommutes...or whatever they call that these days) had picked a restaurant for us to try. Her favorite on the 'south side' of Pittsburgh. It had an old irish pub feel to me but their speciality is a steak salad and has french fries on top of it. Healthy, right? I didn't try the infamous salad but I did try their steak.

A few of us ladies caught a workout back at the hotel before lounging in our (gorgeous) hotel rooms. Candace and I promised ourselves about 100 times that we were going to stop talking and hit the sack, knowing our 4:30am alarm was going to come faster than we liked. We finally fell asleep around 11. It was Candace's first on the road event with All Pro Dad (she works on the Family Minute) and she made a great roommate!

4:30 did come fast. Almost as fast as the rest of that day went. Our event with the Steelers went amazingly and as my Dad promised me, I was incredibly impressed by Coach Mike Tomlin, our spokeman in that market. He participated in the event after speaking with his 4-year-old daughter, Harley. They were a precious pair to watch and I'm glad they were able to enjoy the event together.

Two hours after the event we hopped a plane back home to Tampa. I had promised a few friends I'd meet them at an event at church so I threw my bags down and headed back out. It was a great day but exhausting. Hopefully spending this weekend in town will give me a chance to catch back up.

Next up is Cincinnati, Ohio to work with the Bengals on the 19th. I'm so lucky to have the most incredible best friend who's driving from Indiana to stay in the hotel with us and work the event Saturday. I can't WAIT to see her. I've been spoiled rotten with getting to see my family and friends from out of town lately and I'm treasuring every second.


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Tara said...

i've said it before, and i'll say it again: your job is AWESOME! so lucky to be doing something you love!