Friday, June 11, 2010

Revisiting Organization.

Early this year I wrote this entry about organization.

I thought I'd come back full circle and talk about the progress in my organizational life since that entry. I now deal with my mail as it comes. This mostly means that I throw out the junk mail in the trash can outside our mailboxes at my complex. I only get one real bill in the mail and I try to put it back in the mail within 48 hours when it arrives. I use Sundays to send personal notes to my friends who graciously pen pal me on a regular basis because they know I love hand written letters.

I still admit to more than my fair share of facestalkage BUT in my defense I've been doing better about keeping it short and sweet (speed stalking?). I've also found a way to stay on top of my e-mail both at work and at home. This is huge...huge I tell you. You have no idea how much I hate e-mail. The world we live in requires e-mail it seems so I'm finally mastering a system for staying on top of it.

My creepily organized and cryptic planner remains the same. Despite having more than usual on my plate lately, I have managed to stay on top of my appointments, commitments, works schedule, bill cycles, and even map my workouts so I remember when I worked which areas. I do sometimes wonder if I lost my planner if I'd remember anything! Maybe I'm crippling my memory. Oh well, it's working. If it ain't broke...

So that leaves my last weak car. Now in the catagory I still have to give myself an epic fail. My car hasn't been washed within the last month and needs to be vacuumed something awful. It also needs to be treaded with armor all...waxed...etc. Oh and I'm even creeping up on being overdue for an oil change. Hot mess.

I did however do some serious work in my closet on Sunday. The floor was covered in the laundry, the shelves had become a catch all, my shoes were scattered all over my house in random containers, and I had had it! So, I present to you my newly organized closet...

The whole affect....aaaah.

All of my colorful sundresses - love love love them.
I admit, this is less than half of my shoes (since it's only heels and some sandals underneath) but I'm proud of putting those racks together on my own.

Even a place to stash the dirty clothes as the week progresses.

The End.


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