Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Miss Me Too Much...

Well darlings, I have to say ta ta for now for 2 days starting tomorrow. I will hop a very early flight to 'the nati' (Cincinnati, OH) to do our last spring event. My first ever trip to Paul Brown Stadium, home to the Cincinnati Bengals. It seems to me that this year has brought up more Bengals talk than ever before. Perhaps because a large portion of my friends and coworkers (and even family) are Dancing with the Stars fans and grew to love them some Ocho Cinco.

Looking forward to meeting our alumni and current player reps in that market: Anthony Munoz, Chris Crocker, Richard Cary, and Jim Breech. An all star line-up coming out to share the importance of Dad's being active in their kids lives. The event is sold out and we expect 1500 Dads and Kids! How faboosh is that?

On an exciting personal note, my best friend Candy will be joining me for the event! She's driving to Cinci tomorrow afternoon to do dinner with our team and stay the night in the hotel with me! Eee! You know you have a loyal best friend when she agrees to get up at 4:30 in the morning on a Saturday to help you out with your works event. She is a trooper to the max. When she comes she's bringing my bridesmaids dress for her wedding in October! I can't wait to try it on even though, thanks to BLer it will have to taken in a few notches. I still want to try it on and figure out how tan I'd like to be by October.

If you think my life will be boring and travel-less after the end of spring event season, take heart. I will be traveling once in July for pleasure (hello Carolinas) and will have plenty going on here in town the other 3 weeks. Then it's back on the road for more events starting with the Tennessee Titans in August to kick off our fall event season. Never a dull moment, or a fully unpacked suitcase for this girl.

In other news, we finish our office's 'Biggest Loser' competition next Tuesday and I'm ahead to win the 'big cash money prize'. Which isn't that big but might buy me a new pair of jeans or something. Stay tuned.

Time to chop the mop this evening. I'm going to cut off a few inches and enjoy a little bit lighter 'do' for the summer, while taking my color a touch darker to a deep chocolate brown. When I polled you all via the blog and asked my nearest, dearest and most trusted friends - you all agreed: do it. So I'm taking your advice to heart (and scissors) and may even post the results for you soon. See future haircut below:

I wonder what my Dad would do if I got random rainbow wings tattoo'd on my back? (good thing he does not read this blog).

Excited for small group tonight - studying 'Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild' how perfectly fitting for a south tampa small group, don't ya think?




Kelly and Sara said...

I actually love this idea of a tattoo. I would never get one because it would show when I wear dresses but if I did decide to get one, this owuld be it!

Island Gal said...

I loveeee that haircut!!!