Tuesday, September 21, 2010

25th Birthday Trip - Indianapolis.

After a whirlwind 25th birthday weekend away I am back in Tampa and back on the grind. But before I move on to all that lies ahead this crazy/busy/lovely fall I wanted to take the time to tell you a little about my trip! I left Friday at lunch time and headed 'home' to Indianapolis, IN to see my parents for the weekend... Oh, and Peyton & Eli Manning of course!

Here I am sporting my new luggage, that was part of my of birthday presents this year. With all my travel I'd managed to do quite a number on my Diane Von Furstenburg luggage I received for my 21st birthday (man, has that been 4 years now?). I sent this lovely self taken photo to my parents on Friday morning with a message that said: 'Get ready'.

The great thing about birthday trips is you get most of your wishes. I desperately wanted some new Colts gears so Mom took me straight from the airport to Dick's Sporting Goods to stoke up. 3 shirts later, I'm set for a few weeks of cheering my boys on from Tampa area sports bars. Dad event later hooked me up with a Sunday Night Football hat to complete my take-home-gear stash.

Later we dined with Daddy dearest at StoneCreek Grill in Zionsville, my absolute favorite Indianapolis area restaurant. It was heavenly, as always. Then since we had previously discussed this birthday being sans cake (in honor of my healthier eating habits) we hit up Casey Ursay's (somewhat) new frozen yogurt joint - Huddles. Think Pinkberry.

After I tucked my parents in (they managed to stay up until almost 10), I visit my friend Mark at his new place and got to play catch up on his life. I admire (and am slightly jealous of) his sense of adventure that is always taking him somewhere new and exciting. Living life so completely is truly a gift. A good reminder that I need to break out of my routine a bit more often and take some risks!

After that Sean and I hit up our traditional hangout place - the Fox and The Hound. We stayed up so late I saw 2am on the clock for the first time in a while. But it was great catching up, as always.

Saturday I bee-bopped around seeing a few friends. Sweet Jodi took me out for Sushi in Broadripple at a cute place called the Naked Tchopstix. The food was delish - she can order for me anytime. Great catching up...seems like a lot has happened since our last sushi date, in Orlando.

Saturday night I went to a wedding (of people I hadn't met) with my friend Eric. Man have I missed spending time with him since graduating Purdue. It seems that when I come home Chicago is just not quite close enough for us to see each other every trip. Luckily, the wedding was a great excuse for us to spend a night together catching up.

Here we are taking a carriage ride during the reception - what a cool idea. : ]

Sunday was game day in the Christensen household, of course. So we went to church as a fam and then got our game faces on for a Colts victory - which was delivered!

Sean and I had a bet going with a friend to get on TV by dancing but sadly, they never showed us. Maybe next time.

Here's a few pics from the big night:

Sean & I headed into the game.

National anthem. Always a really touching part for me.

Who better to watch a game with than these two?! : ]

Mom & I after the victory! Go Colts!

Family shot post game. How cute is this?!

What a great victory we got while I was home! Again, another really late night. But I managed to get up Monday (with a cold) and have brunch with my sweet friend Katie and her precious little family. Then it was shopping with Mom and hopping a flight back to Tampa.

A fabulous weekend. 25 really may be the best year yet, it's off to a great start.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing! :D Happy 25th----WOW, I seriously cannot believe you are 25. That must make me ancient! :D Blessings, Joy