Thursday, September 30, 2010

That Time Again.

You know I never keep my feet on the ground for long, this week is no exception! I’ve been back in Tampa for 10 days and I’m back to packing my bags for an EARLY departure tomorrow morning for the booming metropolis of Scottsburg, Indiana. It’s time to be in my best friend’s wedding! Eee (that’s an excitement shriek). It was also her birthday this week so we have much to celebrate. Can’t wait to be with her on her home turf (which I’ve never actually seen!).

Thanks to the times I needed, I will be flying through Chicago (Midway) tomorrow morning en route to Indy and flying back through Kansas City. Note: neither of these as stops between Tampa and Indy really make sense to me. Whatev. At least I can check my bags for free so I don’t have to sprint through the Chicago airport with them – thanks for that Southwest!

I’ve really worked this year at keeping my life more low-key than ever before. Now, that being said – I’m still an absolute crazy person compared to the average. Example: this morning I got up early to finish my bible study prep, wash dishes (because I have people coming over), and clean a bathroom. The rest of my day today will include: working at 8 hour day, errands on my lunch break, laundry when I get home, bible study at my house from 7-9, finishing my packing and then trying to get an hour or two of sleep before my 5am wake up call to… drop of my car, hop a flight to Chicago, change plans to head to Indy, pop into the office to visit my Dad, grab lunch with my Mom, wrap Candys birthday present, pick up my bridesmaids dress and shoes at my house, shower off my travels, change for the rehearsal, drive 1.5 hours to Scottsburgh (from Carmel) and the proceed to rehearse my role in the wedding, dine with my bff and her crew, and probably crash the minute my head hits the pillow tomorrow night.

That’s not even including the wedding day, getting back to Indy, and of course my travels home on Sunday night to start work again at 8am Monday morning. Yeah, this is my life. And despite the fact that even after cutting back on the chaos, I’m still a maniac, I love my life. I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will admit that I’ve had 2 cups of coffee already this morning and am looking (and feeling) a little like the girl who drank 5 Red Bulls in ‘Knocked Up’. Yeeeeah.

Never let em see ya sweat.


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