Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap & Good News!

Loving to travel has not for one moment diminished my love for a weekend at home. While it’s exciting to hop a plane, fall asleep, and wake up somewhere different (and sometimes new), there is something to be said for a weekend in familiar surroundings. With my feet on the ground, my butt in a lounge chair, and my head in a book I enjoyed this weekend with every fiber of my being.

I finished Queen Takes King, Friday night. I have to say it wasn’t one of my favorites. I happily moved on to ‘How to be Single’ (a novel, not a self-help) on Saturday morning and have plowed my way through the first 200 pages with some interest. Tuccillo is witty, which I enjoy. It has a bit more sex-in-the-city vibe than I like in a novel but I believe I’ll be done with it in a day or two.

I’m hoping to get a good bit of reading done on the planes this weekend as I have layovers on my flights to and from Indiana for my best friend’s wedding. Layovers plus 4 flights = good reading time. I’m fast approaching the end of my 50 book commitment for this year, and well ahead of schedule. It looks as though I will end 2010 with a few extras under my belt.

Has anyone ever bought a Taylor dress before? I saw a few at Macy’s that I liked this weekend but was too distracted by the DJ that was blaring music to really shop there. The next day (Sunday) I found a Taylor dress I adored at Ross on clearance for…get this, $20.99 (they’re about $100 at Macys). So I bought that to wear to the rehearsal dinner this weekend in Indiana. It’s a mustardy yellow dress, which I thought would be cute for fall. I will make sure there are pictures at some point soon.

While there I found a great dress (after several unsuccessful searches with my Mom in Indy) for my works upcoming banquet. We’re having Dave Ramsey AND Michael W. Smith, I’m so excited. I wanted something new, of course…when do I not? But also with my weight loss over the last 6 months, I wanted something that actually fit!

Speaking of that, I’m in week three of my 3rd weight loss competition. I won the first two and I’m hoping I have a fighting chance of winning the third (and possibly my final?). I FINALLY got past my plateau and out of my rut this weekend. I’d been stuck for a couple weeks so this was a huge relief. On to winning. : ]

I don’t know if you all are as freakishly obsessed with dinnerware for entertaining as I am BUT…

I found some great deals at Homegoods and Ross this weekend. Since buying the condo (the batch pad) back in December I can’t help but love things for my home. Because I have a home. Finally. Yay. Anyways, I found some precious zebra print items this weekend. I need pics though. I’ll work on that this week too. Must take more pictures and share them. Asap.

Looking forward to a 4 day work week, prepping for upcoming travels and events. Taking Friday off to head to Indiana.

Can I quickly share some exciting news I received via e-mail this morning? My favorite airline has officially bought my least favorite. Hello Southwest/Airtran merger – you are dynamite! When this is complete it will mean better customer service (I hope) on my flights home (airtran usually has the times I need) AND faster earning of rewards (aka free flights). I’m flying a free flight this weekend as a result of all my Southwest travel this year, and am on my way to my second free flight in a few months. This merger would REALLY speed up the process. I am STOKED.

Alright, time to start my Monday.


Ps: the Colts WON! Yay.