Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Changing Plans.

Plan changes are tough for me. I like to have a plan, stick to it. I try to be committed to anything I say I will do. So how do you handle it when the plans just aren’t right? I say this because this weekend through a few turns of events I ended up cancelling my plans to go to Atlanta. It was a tough decision and wasn’t well received on some ends…but I knew it was the right thing to do.

God has a funny way of saving us from ourselves sometimes, doesn’t he? I pray often that he protect me from my people pleasing ways. I realized Friday when some drama happened and the door to the trip closed, that the Lord was saving me from myself in more than one way. I’m thankful for that now.

I spent most of this weekend relaxing with friends by the pool. I love that having a great pool brings your friends to you regularly. I love even more than I have the kind of friends who will call and ask me (as was done this weekend), ‘so are you going to invite me to the pool today?’. This was my greatest hope in buying a home, that it would have a revolving door – always welcoming my friends when they need a place to go.

I got some good time by the pool in and worked on my tan for Candy’s wedding which is 3 weeks away now. Unbelievable! I also got some good reading in. I’m currently working my way through ‘Kings of the Earth’ and ‘The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake’. I’ll let you know when I finish my thoughts on them. But thus far I would not recommend the cake book – it’s rather depressing so far.

I made some phone calls to catch up with a few friends. Bought my sister a birthday present (it took 4 trips to find the right thing). Put together a care package for a friend of mine who’s having a hard time adjusting to a new job in a new place (I’m sympathetic to the whole moving thing). Mailed my cousin some free chickfila coupons because it’s his favorite place to eat and I remember well what it was like to be a poor college student. I finally put away clean laundry that had been hanging out in the basket for 2 weeks. Yeah, 2 weeks. I walked 4 miles in the sunshine by the water on Saturday morning with a friend. I enjoyed a great service at church with a girl from my small group. I even found money on the ground and bought BOOTS for fall that I’m stoked about with it.

I’ll have to post pics soon but I got black leather over-the-knee boots and a slouchy grey pair as well. : ] Love love. Why do I love fall clothing and I live in Florida where we barely have a fall. Hmm.

5 days to birthday. Ack.



JPO said...

sounds like a fun weekend!

I'll need the book review on the cake book. It was on my long list!

Mere said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Us Florida girls have to savor every little day of fall.winter...they are so few and far between.