Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week before Wedding Thoughts.

My best friend’s wedding is next weekend! My excitement is growing with each day. I can’t wait to be there (Indiana) with her for her big day. I’m honestly thrilled to be a part of the wedding party and stand next to her on her big day as she commits the rest of her days to the love of her life. What a precious day it will be!

In anxious anticipation of the big day I wanted to take a few moments to share what’s on my heart…

It’s funny how God works sometimes. It was fall break of my junior year of college at Purdue. I was home with a friend shopping at the Keystone Mall in Indianapolis. I was helping her pick out the perfect Coach bag that was to be a gift from her Mom and chatting with the associates while we browsed. One particularly friendly Coach employee happened to be a manager and she asked if I were interested in a job. I explained that while Coach would be a fabulous place to work, I was in school over an hour away. Turns out, they needed holiday help (when I would be home with my family anyway).

What started as casual shopping ended in a seasonal position that lasted 2 years (on and off) and brought me my best friend, Candy. Oddly enough, our friendship didn’t progress until after I left Coach after the first year. Candy had qualities I look for in a friend. She was kind. She was thoughtful. She was honest. She was smart and hard-working to a fault. I’ve always loved that about her, she has incredible work ethic. She also knows Coach purse names (and item numbers) like no one I’ve ever known…and that is a skill!

After I left a whirlwind couple of months as a greeter and gift wrapper for my first holiday season with Coach, we stayed in touch. I was a bit surprised at first, Christmas time at the mall doesn’t leave much down time to get to know a person. I went back to school in January but thanks to facebook we were able to keep up with each other’s lives and meet up from time to time when I was in Indy. I remember one of the first big ‘hang outs’ we had was going to a Colts game, Candy’s first and my…400th? For some reason what stands out in my mind most about that particular game is that when we first got to our seats she confessed that her Dad told her that morning he had no idea why I would have invited her of all people to the game. She knows more about football than he gave her credit for and is a loyal Colts fan – which I adore about her.

Our friendship, our love for each other (and even the Colts) has grown tremendously since that day. Through her moving home and meeting Josh who would change the course of her life forever to me packing up and moving 17 hours away to strike out on my own in Florida. Through jobs gained and lost. Through tough decisions. Through trials and failures. Through grad school decisions and applications. Through parent stresses and awkward moments. Through laughter and tears and even several years – our friendship has become one of my most treasured relationships.

In friendships we take on many different roles at any given time. Candy has been my encourager. My confidant. The voice of reason through more than a few crisis moments. My cheerleader through some bold moves. My comedic relief on my worst of days. She continues to amaze me with her thoughtful gestures and her consistent effort to be a great friend.

I remember the first time she told me about Josh. We were in Indy after she’d moved back home and we had gotten together in Indy to catch up. They hadn’t known each other long but she was already confident this one was going to last. I remember knowing immediately how excited she was about him, even though it was new.

I love that since that day I’ve been able to get to know Josh myself and see that he loves so many of the same qualities in Candy that I do. How special it has been to watch their love for each other grow and to build a friendship with him as well. He texted me the day he was going to propose and I anxiously awaited (at my parents house) the post-proposal call from Candy telling me all the details. Shortly after that proposal she asked me if I would be a bridesmaid, something I’d secretly been hoping for since I knew they were going to get married.

Candy and Josh were my first friends to fly to Florida and be a part of my life here. Sleeping on the floor in my rental, getting lost on the way to the beach, and kicking my butt in putt-putt golf (it was embarrassing, my Dad would be ashamed). One of my favorite memories about that trip is that Josh told me that until I found the right guy, he’d fill in when I need someone to fix something or ‘whatever’. That was a touching gesture to me, that as Candy’s ‘bff’ he wanted to look out for me too.

They’ve driven to see me in Indy every time I go home. Volunteered at my works events. And supported be with texts during countless Colt’s games and craziness within the football side of my world. It’s meant everything to me to get to know them as a couple, as the big wedding day has grown closer.

And now, here it is! 8 days til wedding. My dress has been altered 3 times. My shoes bought. My gift is wrapped. My flights are booked. I’m headed back to Indiana to share in the biggest day of their lives as a couple thus far.

I wish them true love everyday of their lives. Love that is lasting. Love that is both patient and kind. Love is forgiving and trusting. Love that protects and encourages. Love that will persevere. And most of all the kind of love that the Lord promises ‘will never fail’.

Love Always,


Laura said...

Loved reading about the friendship that blossomed in the crazy Coach Holiday season! See you at the wedding next week! Btw, do you remember which manager recruited you?

Candy said...

omg will you just recite this at the wedding. i'm crying. i love you B!!