Wednesday, September 1, 2010


First off, I want some comments telling me what you fabulous people are up to for Labor Day Weekend….traveling? Staying put? Relaxing? Grilling out? With friends? Family? Tell me the deets. I love holidays and hearing how people spend them.

My plans are still working their way slooowly into place so I don’t have too much to share on my front yet. I’ll tell you what I do know. I will be spending the holiday with friends but sadly, not with any family members. Jess and I are headed on a road trip, our first in I can’t even remember how long. Too long. The plan is to head to Atlanta and meet up with some GA friends up that way for a night, maybe two? Exact details are ALL TBD. You know how hard a lack of plan is for me – I’m an itinerary kind of deal. Hazard of planning travel for work regularly? Perhaps.

Can I share something else sad on the organizational topic? I actually stooped so low as to make myself a chore list this week. I know. Shock. Horror. Patheticness. The list could continue from there. But it seems that after a weekend away (on the road) you have to have a plan to get caught up on the things you would have done over the weekend, if you’d had a weekend. Last weekend was Nashville, this weekend is Atlanta. So this girl had to get a plan or her house was going to be a hot mess. But still, I can’t believe I resorted to a chore list…I use to shake my fist behind my mom’s back about those growing up. She posted one in my bathroom while I was in HIGH SCHOOL. Embarrassing, right? : ] Good thing I survived the humiliation so that I can share with you all about it now – it was touch n go for a while there.

I like to occasionally post fashion related thoughts (or statements). So on that note, has anyone been to see Lauren Conrad’s collection at Kohl’s? I’m not a big Kohl’s person myself but they’ve recently been carrying Vera Wang’s line and well as LC’s – both of which have some cute and somewhat reasonably priced items. I invested in a LC by Lauren Conrad dress last night that I adore.


Ok I promise that images of the home improvements are coming soon!

Love ya,



Meghan said...

I am adoring the LC line at Kohls!!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I've spent mine cleaning and organizing - blah! Hopefully I will get out tonight with some friends!

londonhead said...

Ever heard the term M.I.L.F? Well, you are one ;)