Monday, October 15, 2012

In the Details.

I'm a details person.  By nature and more recently by trade.  As an event specialist (planner, if you will) my job is to be in the details.  Timelines, fliers, registration numbers....even table linens and portojohns. My life is lived in the little details that most people will never notice at an event (unless of course, they portojohn is missing or we run out of food before the football team eats).  

What I'm working on now is being in the details as a friend. My relationships are growing, changing, and developing from day to day and I find that as my life and those of my friends get crazier, busier, and most of all just plain filled up - it's important to be in the details.  To remember special occasions, to celebrate small victories, and to never be too busy to be there for the people you care for the most.  Through kids, colleges (again), marriages, rocky times, lost jobs, new jobs, and big goals - it's hard to keep up but it's never been more important.  When it comes to friendships, a lot is in the details.

My life is in a bit of chaos right now as I have 3 events in 4 weeks coming up and 5 weeks in a row where I will be out of town for a least 2 days.  I've never been busier or dare I say overwhelmed but it's important to me that no matter how big my life seems, I don't lose sight of the big and small things happening in my family and friend's lives.

Anyone else feeling me on this one?  I was mailing birthday cards (barely on time) and making a few dates with friends last week and thinking - this is what really matters.  These are the details that mean the most.  And I never want the business of life, work, or the holidays to take away from the people that make all of that worthwhile.

So as the season of chaos is coming I'm reminded to be thankful for those who make this time of year my favorite.  As I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas away with family as well holidays and football games with best friends and new friends, I feel grateful.  The Lord has truly blessed me with great friendships this year.



Leanna Vera said...

I've been thinking along the same lines as you lately! I was home this weekend and catching up with relatives and I realized how horrible I've been with keeping in touch lately. I've been super busy with work but I'm realizing that's not an excuse. I'm hoping I can be better at keeping in touch with everyone over the next few months.

Amber said...

I feel the same way a lot. I need to start paying more attention to the details with my friends. Do a better job at staying in touch, chatting and visiting. It's hard with the holidays, and all the other busy things (work, school, etc.) but I Need to do better! That includes texting you more! ;) Miss you friend!

Nichole said...


Kari said...

I admire you for remembering those details! I used to mind the details in my friendships, too, but I slowly stopped doing this for certain friends because the kindness wasn't being reciprocated. Sometimes its the little things that make the bigggest difference, like a kind text message when you're having a rough day or remembering a birthday or anniversary. You are such a good friend for doing those things!