Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Ok Thursday - Long Overdue.

Its Ok Thursdays
I haven't linked up for this much lately but not because I have wanted too. I miss it.  So hey Amber, I'm back at least for this week. And in the chaos of the last few weeks I've got a few good ones to add....
It's ok... stock up on festive scents.
... to go an entire weekend without making your bed. communicate with your best friend almost entirely through someecards during the workday. have two 'jailbreaks' on lunch in the same week (my Tampa Amber knows these are needed). buy yourself flowers just because you want them on your coffee table all the time. choose not to care what some people think. hate drama and want to punch people who try to drag you into theirs. have a new found love of Facetime. ; ] be counting down to the holidays, already. be halfway done with your Christmas shopping. be gone 5 weeks in a ROW coming up. be obsessed with Revenge (the show, not the actual thing) after randomly stumbling upon it. have a baby pumpkin on my porch. completely suck at puttputt golfing but love it if you're in this group: be ready for November, already. excessively stock pile TP and paper towels for no apparent reason.  I'm OCD, I can't help myself. be reading all dark, scary books right's Halloween month anyway, right? be sad I'm only 7 books ahead of my reading goal right now, better things have been getting my attention. tire of trying to live your life to make other people happy, and just let go. be really stinking proud of yourself for making a cheesecake last week. First time ever.


Anna Catherine said...

Revenge is good stuff. I'm catching up on the first season!
I want baby pumpkins on my porch, hopefully this weekend!!

Nicholl Vincent said...

love the pumpkin! i still don't have one lol

Have a great day! Stop by & say hello!

Meghan said...

I totally suck at consistently making my bed, but you know what, it's okay!

lil desiqua said...

Aww your baby pumpkin is so cute! I had some out last year and punk kids smashed them, so now all pumpkins stay inside!
Someecards is the best- I do this with a coworker throughout the day too!
Happy Friday!