Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: The Pantry.

In a flash of Pinterest inspiration I decided to reorganize my pantry.  It had always seemed silly to be before to buy crates and things for my pantry but then when I thought about it, it's kind of the soul of your kitchen, isn't it?  The magic happens as the result of the pantry and it's always easier to justify spend money on something that will last - lets be real, I won't have to redo the side of my pantry often, right?

So here's the embarrassing chaos of the before:

Yeah, yikes.

Here's a close up of the transition as I added in some helpful storage:

The crate on the top right holds the loose baking supplies while the left side now has all my normal supplies in canisters.  The red box in the middle of the picture is the new home of my extra spices and flavorings.  I hated having tons and tons of bottles that eventually get scattered all over the shelf.  So, this was my solution.  The after:

Ta da!! I mean, it's a pantry, there's always doing to be SOME chaos.  But as you can see my paper goods also for a crate home (bottom middle shelf) which now houses my abundance of fun paper napkins, plates, plastic ware,  and solo cups.  Also on the bottom you can see that my grocery bags which I reuse have a home and most of my spices have a home on the door (and in the box - I like things spicy apparently).

I love knowing where everything is and having found a home for things.  At first I thought being able to see through the crates would bother me but hey, that's why there is a door, right?

Day Seven - done and done.

(Note: sorry about the cell phone pictures - I know I have a nice camera now so I have no excuses but you're still going to get them).



Leanna Vera said...

Looks great! I need to take some tips from you to organize my life.

lil desiqua said...

That is one organized pantry- great job! Pinterest showed me the beauty of "binning and crating" as I call it as well. I'm sharing one of my newly organized tough spots on Thursday!