Friday, January 11, 2013

Reading Lately.

You may have noticed that I cut back my reading goal for 2013.  People pestered me the last few months of 2012 about how I was possibly going to best a 100 books in a year goal for 2012.  The answer is, I'm probably not.  One of my 2013 goals is to study and take the GRE and so I've cut back my reading goal to 80 books for 2013.  However, I started 2012 with the intention of reading 50 books and I more than doubled my original goal, so, who knows.

Anyway, here's what I've started off 2013 with....

Unsigned was a Kindle read about an unsigned suicide letter a couple receives in the mail.  The letter leads them on a wild ride and to a shocking discovery of events that happened years before to the former owner of their new home.  The plot, while interesting, wasn't perfect executed in my opinion.  I gave this two stars on Goodreads, it didn't wow me.

After devouring Hoovers previous novels (Slammed and Point of Retreat) I anxiously awaited the release of Hopeless.  It didn't come close to the first two for me, but Hoover is a talented right with a gift for creating characters you become attached too.  It was a quick read and I never lost interest.

20 Something/20 Everything has been the inspiration for one post you've already seen from me and one more that you will be seeing by the end of this month.  Full of inspiration this book also did me the great honor of making me feel sane.  Our twenties are tricky, pressure filled years and it was so encouraging to hear others successes and perceived failures as well as get a plan for how to spend my next three years in my 20s making them everything not just something.

Three completed books so far in 2013.  I guess it's time to make me book list for this year.

Happy Friday to all.



Katie said...

I wish my library had the Colleen Hoover books! And a book that makes you feel sane is always a good book in my opinion. Lol. I've got less than a year of being in my 20s, so I should probably read it sooner rather than later. Ha!

Leanna Vera said...

That's an awesome start to your reading this year! I've also finished 3 books but I feel like I cheated a little since I started 2 of them in 2012.