Monday, January 14, 2013

Strategic Planning.

2013 is going to be an incredible year for me.  In the wake of a tough 2012 I'm focused, prepared, and excited for what this year will hold.  But I recognize that while I accomplished A LOT in 2012 (104 books read, thousands of dollars saved, another year of debt-free living, etc) I also failed to really stay on top of all of my goals.  And so, I'm borrowing an idea from my work.  At the company I work for our directors spend a week before the end of the year doing 'strategic planning' as I'm sure many of your companies do.  During this time they outline their goals for the year and formulate the plan that will get them accomplished.

How is this different then new years resolutions on an individual level, you might ask?  Good question.  Well for one, I'm making this up as I go.  BUT I made my 2013 goal list in November, adapted it in December, and made it a little harder in January.  Now, I'm focused in, I'm working towards them, and I have a plan to keep myself on track this year in not just 1 or 3 areas but in all of them.

I'm making January my month of strategic planning and as I continue to read 20 Something, 20 Everything I'm asking myself tough questions, putting it ALL in writing, and pushing aside other people's expectations and opinions in favor of focusing on getting where I really want to go (now that I'm finally learning where that is).

Every month this year I will be treating myself to a Saturday morning date with Bayshore (my favorite outdoor workout spot) followed by a coffee or breakfast 'time out', to celebrate where I am with my goals/the ones I've completed as well as go back over them and reassess where I am and where I'm going.  I want to make sure that April doesn't show up and I've missed out on 4 months of opportunities to achieve   So, this year I'm getting fully, completely, thoroughly focused and I'm going to stay that way.

My friends frequently mock my love of putting 'block time' and such on my calender for when I need 'me' or 'down' time so I assume they will equally mock my dates with myself. BUT - I honestly couldn't be more excited. Coffee by the bay and a little journaling, reading, goal setting is right up my nerdy little ally.

What are you all doing to get focused this year and how are you going to stay focused in 2013?



Katie said...

Girl-- I've got to have some "me time." And if you've got to schedule it to make sure it gets done, then schedule away! I love the idea of a monthly assessment-- so often we make these goals and just let them go by the wayside. But the regular check-ins will be so much help! :)

Leanna Vera said...

I think this is a great idea for 2013! I'm trying to focus a little more on myself this year as well. My best friend and I have discussed blocking off occasional Friday nights in. Since neither one of us will be going out, we won't feel like we're missing out on anything, and it will give us time to reflect, relax, and recharge.

Angie said...

What a fantastic way to stay on top of your list!