Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ahead of schedule.

I have over half of my Christmas shopping done! If you knew me a few years ago, you will know that the amount of organization I've learned in recent years is certainly astonishing. Nothing short of miraculous, in fact. This is including but not limited too, Christmas shopping. I started last year in August, this year in September. I am now over halfway done with my newly shortened present list. Now that I'm on a budget I can't buy something for everyone (sorry readers)...

Left to tackle this weekend in Orlando: Rae, Bres (bro-in-law), and Dad. Why is Dad always the hardest? I swear it always comes down to golf balls or ties. Poor Dad. Last year was a cashmere sweater. As far as I know he liked it...he wore it at least.

Anybody else almost done with their Christmas shopping?

I also decided in the spirit of being frugal that I will be taking my Christmas presents home in my suitcase over Thanksgiving instead of paying to ship them. I'm flying Southwest (my favorite) both Tgiving and Xmas. So my bags fly free (love those commercials). One of Ruthie's presents makes me a tad nervous because it's breakable. But other than that, I think I'm safe.

Just wanted to brag on myself for finally getting it together and being ahead of schedule at Christmas time. Yay me.

If you're struggling for good Christmas ideas, go to Target and scope the magazines. Most of them (In Style, Glamour, People, etc) do a best gifts under $50 section around this time of year. They don't always have practical ideas BUT sometimes you find a winner. Worth looking into for inspiration.

Example...check this list from Oprah.


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