Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Reading List.

What will you be reading by the fire (or on the beach if you live in Tampa) this Thanksgiving? You will find me in the Indiana, curled up by the electric fire reading these lovelies...

I've been on a roll lately, so if you've got any additional titles you'd like to throw my way, hit up my comments section or shoot my an e-mail. I like to keep my Kindle fully stocked with new titles to keep my motivation to fly through books high. I'm use to being busy so when I get away for a few days of food and family, I usually find myself quite productive in all things literary.


mypaperheart said...

How did you like the books?!

Loved Two Little Girls in Blue. Now I want to re-read it. I tried Audrey's Time Traveler's Wife and couldn't get into it. Did you like this one? Going to research Her Fearful Symmetry...I hadn't heard of it.

Becca Christensen said...

According to my Kindle I"m about 56% through with 2 Girls in Blue.

Not digging her fearful symmetry at all. Save yourself the 10 bucks. Not worth it.

Finished Celebutantes (trashy but somewhat entertaining) and finished Wild Goose Chase (Christian book...excellent).

mypaperheart said...

You have a kindle! I've been wondering if they're worth it...I don't know if I would like reading on it. How do you like yours?

I'm going to guess I'm just not an Audrey fan, lol.

Thanks for the Wild Goose Chase suggestion. I'll have to check and see if the library has it.