Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Update.

November's off to a great start.  One trip down (to Indianapolis) and two to go this month.  Next week will be an exciting week for me at work.  Thursday night we have our banquet for work at the Grand Hyatt, with guest speaker Max Lucado.  I will be sporting a (new) black and gold dress I found online and love.  Amazingly, it's comfortable too.  Still working on a shoe plan.  I have a great pair of Coach gold peep toes but...I'm afraid I'll be running around too much for 6 inch heels.  So I'll be trying to come up with a better plan this week.

After a late night at our banquet, I will depart at 8am the next morning for Charlotte, NC.  Back to my families roots - the Carolinas.  We have an event Saturday with the Carolina Panthers.  Friday will be spent prepping for the big event.  Saturday we will have our last FKE for 2009 and then hop a flight back to Tampa that evening.

Wednesday I'll jet set again, back to Indiana to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.  I can't wait to see both of my sisters, my bro(in law), my parents, and my mom's entire side of the family!  Well, actually I think were going to be short my cousin Wes, which I'm really sad about.  But he is in Spain and the trip home for a day, probably not happening.  I'll eat your share too Wes, don't worry.

Since moving to Tampa, FL I haven't missed Indiana once.  That's not to say, however, that I don't miss my family every day.  There's something comforting about heading home.  Back to my roots.  Back in time to when life was simpler, easier, less complex.  When I go home now I'm ready to just unwind.  Relax.  Just enjoy being with my family (and select few close friends).  I'm looking forward to a long weekend of this.

November November...what else should I share with you?  I'm 2 presents away from being finished with my Christmas shopping.  I hit the amazing 'give and get' sale from the Gap.  Now when I head to the midwest, I'll be fully stocked with sweaters. I don't miss the cold but I do miss fall clothes.  Who doesn't love a good sweater?

I'm cleansing myself of all the excess this month in prep for a yard sale the first weekend of December.  I have 3 garbage bags full already and more cleaning out to go. Bleh - how do I get so much stuff? I've got to cut that out.

Still searching for the perfect condo.  I've got one in mind.  Now I'm just praying about whether or not it's the right condo at the right time.

My Colts are 8-0.  What a great first season for Coach Caldwell.  I'm so pleased.  Sadly, last week was my only game this season.  But I will be at two in December.  It's hard being so far away during football season.  I miss being at every game.  It's hard to feel as supportive while screaming at the TV in a sports bar in Florida.  Somehow, I think my Dad knows though.

It's hard to believe 2009 is almost over.  This has been a great year.  I plan on the next 6 weeks of it being the best 6 yet.  I'm getting ready for 2010 with football, friends, and family.  November and December are looking promising.  Stay tuned.  


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