Thursday, April 29, 2010

High Fashion Adventures.

I do love a new adventure. Joy at Binding the Broken shot a fashion show invite my way for Saturday evening and at first I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I’m not a Project Runway watcher myself, but am familiar with the show. One of the contestants is from the 813 (Tampa) and it hosting a show right here in town. Not knowing quite what to expect I did hesitate for a moment before deciding, why not? I have been complaining (via twitter) that I’m desperate for a chance to dress up.

So dolled up (in mostly black) we will be attending the District 813 show this Saturday night. If it’s allowed I will snag some video clips with my flip camera and some photos (of Joy and I in our dazzling outfits) to share with you all on the blog next week. A little behind the scenes view of my first fashion show from the audience (my sisters and I use to do them for charities).

I finally have a good excuse to sport the sequin skirt I bought for the Super Bowl after party and then decided against wearing after my team lost and we cut the party short. I almost returned but then thought, hey maybe it will be a great addition to the wardrobe and I can rock it on other occasions. So I’ll test it out on the fashion audience this weekend.

In case you have or want a sequin skirt and are wondering how best to wear one…I found this great little blog article with details here. I love the idea here. Simple, chic, fun.



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Tara said...

sounds like fun, beccs! gotta see pics of the sequin skirt!