Friday, April 16, 2010

A Worthy Cause.

It seems to be the time of year when we're all getting hit up for money! On an almost daily basis I'm being asked to contribute to a worthy cause. There are so many great ministries and service related organizations out there! To be honest, I find this encouraging. In the tough times our country is currently facing, it's great to see people stepping up to serve people in need.

As much as I hate asking anyone for money, I've been raising money for the Walk for Liyfe. It benefits a local Crisis Pregnancy Center and a cause near and dear to my heart - giving babies the chance to live! I may or may not have shared how this cause came to have such a special place in my heart. My Dad's story is what would now be considered an obvious 'abortion case'. His birth mother was 15, his birth father out of the picture. But in a time of great crisis that woman's sacrifice lead me to this point. She gave birth to my Dad, who later fell in love with my beautiful mother and had not just me but my two sisters as well.

Her gift of life to my Dad and to his (adopted) parents has provided all of us the chance at life. As a result my family has all taken the challenge to fight for the right of life for the unborn. Each of us in our own way. Mom counseling, Dad speaking and sharing his beautiful story, and my sisters and I giving what we can, where we can. Last year I raise $1500 for the local crisis pregnancy center by 'Walking for Life' and this year, with a later start and less time (read: event season) my goal is $1000. I'm almost halfway there with 2 weeks to go.

But my point in all this is that you have to find a cause you believe in, a worthy cause and give back. When we get outside of ourselves and we sacrifice some of our time, money, and/or resources then we really learn to appreciate our lives. We have been given so much. If the money I raise (even though it requires me asking for money which I hate doing) can help save even one life, it's all worth it.

Love you guys & love the babies!


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