Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Up Late.

Normally I'm in bed by 10:00, so this is a late night for me (though I guess I do occasionally see midnight on weekends). I therefore take little to no responsibility for what is said in tonight's post - as I've been up since 6am and my eye lids are drooping.

I do have a few things I'd like to get off my chest before bed tonight. Starting with the fact that for a great number of reasons, I am not a Chad Ocho Cinco (formerly Johnson) fan. No, I'm not just saying that because he plays for the Bengals and not beloved Colts. It all started when for a hot minute I tried following him on twitter only to figure out that he's quite possibly the most ridiculous 'tweeter' (read: person) in twitter world. From sending pictures of himself in his boxers (in what looks to be a dressing room at the mall) to getting rejected from Eharmony (probably for being a creep) - he managed to grate my nerves on a fairly regular basis.

Why are people so scared of 'home sales parties'? I know I'm abnormally comfortable with most things that make normal people squirm but seriously people, you don't have to buy something. If you don't like it, say no. I hosted a double-whammy part tonight with a new friend who sells Mary Kay & someone from Stella and Dot jewelry (which I recently fell in love with). When I met A at a Mary Kay party hosted my a girlfriend of mine, I thought she's fabulous and not in the least bit pushy. I didn't buy anything (because I wasn't sure what I could add to my crazy skin care regimen) but decided to host my own party! I love a girl who's taking initiative and getting after it in the business world - why not help a sister out? The party tonight was glorious - loved it. Everyone who came had fun & without being pressured in the least, walked away with something they couldn't live with out.

The funniest part was that I had several people who wanted to order stuff but felt intimidated by coming to the party (which is entirely about hanging out and dabbling in cool loot). I did orders for them in advance but I couldn't help thinking it's a strange concept. You assume people are scared to come because they don't want to HAVE to buy something but then, come to find out, more people are scared of the actual party. Fascinating.

Anywho, while I'm on the topic if you want to checkout the jewelry I've been drooling over you can see it on their website here. And hey, if you find a piece (or 5) that YOU can't live without, go ahead and order and if you please, select me as the hostess so maybe I'll earn more freebies. We all know I looove freebies, yes? Looks to me, from here, that Stella & Dot is all the rage. Where have I been?

I need a new, light weight vacuum. Do you have any idea what my 5'3 self looks like wrestling my huge vacuum up and down 2 flights of stairs? Youtube worthy, that's what. Not to mention that it look me an hour to stop sweating afterwards. Gross. I should really do this a day in advance of entertaining. Whew, I'm getting tired (and sweaty) just reliving it in my mind!

Have you ever noticed that people ask you advice about things even when they know they're going to hate your answer? I've got a new tactic for handling things of this nature. Since I believe most people already know what they should do - I flip the question on it's head. I say, if you were me what would you tell yourself? Amazingly, they can usually give themselves better advice than you'd give them. If they're sad and misguided then by all means, set them straight. But it's more inspiring when one comes to their own conclusions about the usually obvious. This works abnormally well with dating related dilemmas. If they say in 5 seconds or less that they would never let you date the loser their dating, well, wah-la - answer. You will appear incredibly wise for being able to draw out of them their own intellect.

My blackberry is possessed. It has been randomly switching numbers in my phone under different peoples names. I jest not. This is incredibly awkward when you send a personal text to the wrong person, only to confuse them beyond explanation. Yikes. I'm about to quit team blackberry if this problem doesn't die off.

Ok, I can't stay awake longer.



Anonymous said...

Becca- get a Dyson. They're pricier upfront, but we love ours. We got it in we moved in our house 4 years ago, and it's still as great as the day we bought it- even after vacuuming after 6 animals and 2 humans.. We did purchase "the Animal", though, so that probably helps. I think it's a great investment.

Tara said...

1. i love stella & dot!

2. ocho cinco is a strange character.

3. my blackberry has been acting crazy too!

4. hope you have a great weekend! :)