Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whoever said pale was the new tan...

Three day weekend starts now! Work was generous enough to give us good Friday off this year, which I’ve never had off from a job before. I was pumped for a three day weekend, with not too much on my plate this weekend. My one must accomplish task this weekend that I’m forcing myself to get done at 9am tomorrow is my taxes. Anyone else dread this process? I had a lovely H&R Block rep last year (though he was very flirty with me even though my Mom was present…awk). I have no reason to hate this process since for the second year in a row I have something funky on my taxes (this year it’s a new condo!...qualifying me for the 8K tax credit) so someone else will actually be DOING my taxes this year. I do however, dread this process a bit.

Anyone doing anything fun with their returns this year? A few of my friends have bought fabulous new clothes or purses. I’m taking the responsible route this year and paying down my ‘mortgage’. Ah, being a big girl. Tough stuff. But I do like to make progress and that’ll take a pretty decent sized chunk off what I owe to be house debt free (a goal of mine). Maybe my attitude towards taxes this year is lackluster because I know I won’t get to play with any of the extra money coming back in. Yeah, that’s probably it.

I plan to spend the majority of my weekend by the pool enjoying the high 70s and sunny weather we will be having in the TPA this weekend. Whoever said pale was the new tan (I believe this was Marie Claire?) was ‘seriously disturbed’ (mean girl voice). When I get pale I look ill. Not a fan. I look so much healthier with a glowing tan. Before anyone gives me a skin cancer lecture, I use sunscreen every time I lay out (despite that my Hawaiian skin doesn’t actually burn) and I get my skin checked once per year. So, relax friends.

Some of you know I lead a group for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace class (personal finance). I’m going tonight to get a desperately overdue haircut from a group member of mine who just struck out on her own and rented a room. I’m so proud of her and headed up north to show my support after work. If any of my Tampa girl (or guys) want an inexpensive haircut, she’s very reasonably priced and conveniently located at Bearss & Dale Mabry. So let me know if you want her contact info, and I’ll let you know how my hair comes out. ; ]

Other than haircuts, taxes, and tans – I plan to win a few games of Spades against friends late tonight & see my boy Daniel Mogg (he’s a DJ too, if you ever need one) dominate on the baseball fields tomorrow evening at the University of Tampa. Daniel was an intern at Family First in the first round of interns that started after I joined the staff. I’ve missed him every day since he finished his internship in December, he was seriously the most fun guy to have around the office. So, I’ll be hitting up the baseball game with my friend (and coworker) Candace tomorrow night to watch him win.

Last and certainly least selfishly, I will be volunteering at the Laundry Love Project tomorrow morning doing laundry for those going through some hard financial times. The best part about this is that it is entirely less daunting to help someone else do their laundry then to actually face the walk-in closet full of dirty clothes I need to wash at my own place. You can read about my first LL experience here for more deets.

I will spend Sunday celebrating the greatest gift of all – Christ’s son. For me & my fellow Christians easter is about way more than a bunny (and chocolate). I will be celebrating with my home church, Grace Fam as well as spending the day brunching and poolside with my girl Auburn. I hope that as you have a restful weekend you too remember what this weekend is all about. Thank the Lord we don’t always get what deserve…


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