Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whirlwind Week.

Hello darlings,

I've been missing blogging this week and craving some time at the keyboard as my week flew by with a few bats of my lashes. The 'off season' for us in event-world was slow and relaxing, making it harder than I thought to jump back into the game this week. We had our first event of 2010 last night at Raymond James Stadium (home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

In general, when you get out of shape in any sense of the word it's hard to get back. I had certainly gotten out of event shape. As I racked my brain for the little details that make the big picture come together, the came back slowly. But thankfully, the event went beautifully. It was special for me to have my small group girls present as volunteers (and two of them brought their families to participate and check out the VIP meet and greet). Always a special treat for me to work an event with Coach Tony Dungy. A dear friend of the family and an incredible man of God. Also, neat to have one of my fellow FPU (finance class) leaders bring his darling daughter out as well.

I'm ready to try'n take is easy this week after a weeks worth of 6am workouts, early to the office, late to leave, and juggling all my other commitments last week. This week will still have lots of workouts since I'm winning the Biggest Loser at my office so far (and I'm starting to like them - gasp). But my evenings will include reading, down time, a facial, etc. The calm before the next event storm - in prep for our Indianapolis Colts event May 14th. Hey Indiana, I'm headed your way!

Oh, after my jewelry party (Stella & Dot) I got to use some hostess rewards on a few things that will arrive in the mail TOMORROW and I had to share some pictures...

Aren't they fabulous? I can't wait to wear them. The 'bib' necklace is a trend I've been wanting to support for a year or so now, but hadn't found the perfect one (under $1000) yet. I should cut back on the In Style reading - I always have a trend I'm dying to try. Dave Ramsey says no maam to me and my expensive taste, regularly. I will say, play hostess for a night to get free items/discounts is a great way to add a new signature piece to your jewelry collection.

Anyone watch the draft this weekend? I was sadly, unable to be stalkerish for all rounds but I watched most of the first round from work while we did prep work. Did anyone catch the kid who went to Oakland in the first round wearing a black tee and having his dog with him? I didn't even know how to feel about that...Oakland makes sense. (Hey Tara - does he count for train-wreck Thursday?)

Sported my new (nerdy) green Bebe glasses today at church and they were a hit. Got several compliments. Hmm. I look forward to getting to a point where I have a little stash of cute glasses so that I don't feel boring wearing the same pair all the time (I have two now). I had a long debate about being practical or buying a fun colorful pair and finally determined to live on the edge with a fun green pair since my black and white Pradas are pretty practical and in their 3rd year of use.

So I'm not sure why I'm getting the hair dying itch lately - but I really want to go darker for the summer while I'm sporting my Florida (slash being part Hawaiian) tan. I finally went al naturale last year though, so I hate to rot my brain with hair dye all over again. Help! Is this just hair boredom?

Ok, expect more posts from me this week. I am back to stay for a week or two before I may disappear again during Colts event week.



Tara said...

you were missed, beccs! stop disappearing!

ps- love the jewelry!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Becca-
2 things-

1st- Joe was glued to the draft this weekend. I only participated in what the Steelers were doing. Yeah, I'm that girl. Maybe next year, when I know more about what's going on. It was information overload this year, but seeing the combine in Indy was fun!

2nd- Want to go darker, but don't want the nasty chemicals? Try to find a salon that uses Aveda products. They are hemp based, don't test on animals, and should be great for your hair if you don't currently have any dye on it.

Hope this helps, dear!


Christine said...

Hey Becca! I was just reading your post and I am attending the Aveda Institute right now and if you are going to dye your hair but don't want all of the nasty chemicals please CALL ME 352-586-5488. We are 99% all natural and organic so Aveda is definitely the way to go!
PS I can also hook you up ;)