Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes I Feel like I Live in Grand Central Station.

Yes I did just quote Beyonce in her collaboration with Lady Gaga, but bare with me for a second here. The Ga has a point in her song 'telephone' when she talks about being sick of hearing her phone ring off the hook like she's being called by a collector. Haven't we all felt that way? Saturday I hit my boiling point with my blackberry when by 3pm I'd already gotten over 100 texts, pix, vids, calls, and e-mails. Where can you go to escape your phone? It dings all day and all night. In fact, mine went off at 4pm last night. Reeeally?

My generation it seems has some serious separation anxiety when it comes to 'being connected'. I'm including myself in this horrible phobia. Turns out the world doesn't stop turning when my crackberry is turned off. I tried it...once. So the new me is going to unplug a day or so a week and just be away from my phone and fully there, wherever there might be that day.

'Tonight I'm not taking no calls cause I'll be dancin'.


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Tara said...

sounds like you're just too popular, beccs!