Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back and better?

Well it's only been a few days since my last blog entry BUT it feels like it's been a month. Maybe that's because I started this new venture of trying to be healthy/get ready to wear a bridesmaids dress this fall. Turns out when you're not eating chocolate the work days feel twice as long. To top it off I am attempting my scariest health related adventure yet - cutting back on diet coke! Gasp. I know. Me, the 100 ounces a day girl. If this cut back lasts, the makers of diet soda everywhere might actually feel the affect and it may result in layoffs. No, really. I hate to put people out of jobs and all but it's time to reintroduce water to my daily liquid consumption. Blah.

Here's the thing I hate most about when you try to make healthier habits. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE wants to tell you what they do, how they do, what they think you should do, how you should do things, what you're doing wrong, etc. Honestly, I know I should appreciate the input and I think most of them genuinely want to be helpful. I just simply don't want to talk about it all day everyday. So I'm drinking more water. Drinking less diet coke. Eating fewer calories. Working out an extra time or 2 a week. What's to talk about? It doesn't require a million hours a day of advice. It's actual pretty straight forward.

I finished 2 more books since last I blogged. So that was productive of me. Started a new bible study book - which I'm meeting out about with my girls tonight. I picked it, so I should be really into this one, right? Booked my next flight to Indy...score. Hello Indy, I will be visiting you May 13th. Even got a little sun. Goodbye winter skin.

You all must simple start reading my newest blogger bff: Tara. She is the Regina George to my Katy Harron, if you speak Mean Girl. You should also read what she had to say about me here. Her blog is a guilty pleasure for me in the way chic lit hits me just right while laying out on the weekends. She's so fun. Oh and a Colts fan - we're going to meet at a game this year.

A little sad about spending Easter apart from my sisters. But fortunate to have Aubs to spend Easter with this year. We're churching, brunching, and laying out. If you have to be without family you should at least be with best friends and sunshine, right? As my Dad reminded me last night 'you chose weather becs'. Ah yes, I did.

Getting my hands dirty this coming Saturday doing the Laundry Love Project again - pumped for that.

Hooray for a 3 day weekend.

Missed you all.



Tara said...

beccs, we were bff's before, but now we are bfffff's. i dont even know what that means, but you are awesome! thanks for the shout out! :)

Ebony Jewel said...

So I'll pass on one of my annoying helpful hints....stop eating all together, that's my plan! LOL

I'm so kidding!!! I've been sucking lately at this healthier diet thing. I've been on the go so much, have had little time to workout & have been breaking my usual routine of running. I suck right? :(

I'm going to get back on the ball though, Nike+ will kinda make me accountable. I just wish I had someone to workout with to keep me motivated!

everyBODYfitness said...

I know you don't want any advice or tips but I have just ONE for the water. Add a couple cucumber slices, lime wedges or strawberries to your water and chill it. Then pour it in a pretty glass. It tastes better, has some vitamins from the fruit and most importantly, looks prettier than plain ol' ice water. :)