Monday, March 1, 2010

The Party Planner Diary - Timeline.

An important element to party planning is the actual plan! If you don't have one, make one. You cannot throw a successful party on a small or large scale without a master plan. Now, this could be one sheet of paper with a few short notes, or a novel depending on the event itself. But don't neglect a written plan. So many bumps in the road can be avoided this way.
As previously mentioned, my current party-at-hand is low key. The predetermined guest list of 10 is helping keep me from having to be a crazy this week in prep. I'm use to events of 1600-1800 people so this is cake. Mmm, cake. Anyway, keeping with my own logic that big or small, a plan is the key here are a few things on my list.
Decor (which will have it's own post at some point). I've made a list of what I want to order, from where and consulted a dear friend on the best place to get flowers (she had an excellent idea for this, a local market we use). I'm keeping it simple. I've pulled together (on list and in life) what I already have, what I can borrow, and have made a list of what I will buy and from where.
RSVP's. As previously mentioned you have to stay on top of your RSVPs! Today is the due date for mine and I was only 2 short of having received a response from every girl. One works with me, so I cleared that up upon arrival today. One I texted from my desk before the day started. I kept a list of who I invited, what day they should have received their RSVP and their responses as they came in (primarily via e-mail as requested but some were word-of-mouth).
I'm waiting to do my shopping for the event after I receive my allotted gift card from Dove to make the purchases on their tab. So when I realized today I hadn't heard back about the exactly delivery (again, lists people!), I shot at e-mail out at 8am this morning to make sure I knew exactly when I would be able to start spending the money. That will be Wednesday. I'm also waiting on that box because A. my video camera is in it & I'd like to start doing more video blogs and B. the goodies for my guests will be in the box and I want to know what I'm working with when I go to purchase goodie bags (another blog entry to come).
Also, I planned out a timeline for Saturday before the Sunday party to make sure I have time to pick up the arrangements, bake the goodies, decorate, and put the goodie bags together. It's easy with a party at the end of the weekend, to schedule up all your time and realize you have none left to actually put the party together! Beware.
T-minus 6 days til the Oscars and my own red carpet event.


everyBODYfitness said...

Good tips, Becca! I'm planning a shower and one can never have too much guidance on staying organized.

PS. Check out my blog I just started.

Stacy C

MK said...

look at you, little miss planner! i love it. im so happy pretty much everyone RSVPed to you, that is one of my biggest pet peeves! no one RSVPs anymore! :)