Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Perfect Match.

The best part about being an accessory crazy is that once you develop an eye for colors and materials you can be out shopping and find the perfect match. After reading In Style I bought a great pair of nude heels, learning only later they were absolutely right - they match so many things! Flash forward a year and I found my shoes the perfect best friend, a matching nude patten leather handbag. I found it on a stellar sale at the Coach outlet (yep, outlet) last weekend.

I had to share with you because I was so excited! You know I love shopping and more specifically - accessory shopping! Note: please ignore both my pale legs (it's been cold in Florida!) and my awkward stance.



Newly Knable said...

PALE?!?! I wish I was as dark as your pale!

Tara said...

LOVE the bag and the shoes!!

you are not pale, but i understand how you feel. the texas sun hasnt been out very much this year so i'm feeling very pale too! :( i'm ready for it to be hot!

i'll let you know what game we end up getting tickets to so we can see if you'll be there too! maybe we could meet up and throw back a drink or two!