Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Check up, Check In.

I wanted to take a blog post to catch you up on my personal life. Most of what I blog isn't directly related to my everyday life so from time-to-time I like to pause in the chaos of my thoughts, suggestions, and musings to just tell you what I am up too. Today, will be that day.

The Family.

I was recently blessed with a quick visit from the parental units. They popped through Tampa for a quick spend-the-night in the condo (their first time seeing it) before heading to a couples retreat for the rest of the weekend in the Naples area (my Mom said Naples my Dad said Ft Meyers...I'm not really sure where they were). It was a hilarious time of my Dad wandering the condo repeating over and over how 'quality' my place feels & how much he 'loves the Spanish architecture'. Mom noticed the places I missed cleaning and started making a list of fix it, buy it, or polish it projects for her next visit.

Dad, who opted for the airmattress in the guest bedroom proceeded to wake half my complex screaming about the high quality (of course) of my airmattress, to which I had to remind him about 20 times that night to stop yelling down the hallway, I share walls with my neighbors! Mom and I enjoyed a slumber party in my room talking about all of our ideas for decor in the coming months.

I recognize how incredibly blessed I am to have such wonderful parents. I love every minute I get to steal with them in whichever state, game, hotel, or work event is so happens to be. I'm grateful that despite the distance, I'm spoiled rotten with seeing them every 2 months or so.

The Workplace.

In work news, we're about 6 weeks out from our first NFL event of the season. The down time was appreciated to learn the ropes, catch up on the less pressing tasks, and prep for this year. I am however, glad to be getting back at it. We will kick off the Spring Event Season with our Tampa FKE at Raymond James Stadium on April 24th. I'm back in touch with vendors and working towards what I'm confident will be a great event, featuring our own, Coach Tony Dungy as the speaker!

I'm anxiously awaiting the finalization of the date for our spring event with the Indianapolis Colts, of course. I will be letting those of you in Indiana know when I will be headed that way, in hopes that I will be able to find some time with a few of you while I'm there. I look forward to my times in Indy to catch up with my parents, my buds at the Colts, and my darling friends who still remain up that way.

The Blogfront.

I'm excited to say that my 'little blog' has really taken off in the past few months. I've received a few exciting offers lately. One from my a book distributor who would like me to link the books I read to the option to purchase from their website, in return I would get paid. I'm in touch with them but at this point have made no conclusive decisions. I try hard to protect this space where we can 'chat' and communicate - I do not in any way want it to be overrun with ads or things of that nature. The offer is flattering and I continue to consider the option. I guess you'll figure out sooner or later if this works out.

As you know from my 'Party Planner Diary' series, I'm in the process of planning a party that is to be sponsored by Dove. Edelman's out of Chicago and I have stayed in touch since my last blog adventure with them and we now are joining forces on another Dove related adventure. Exciting times for me, as the last Dove experience I had converted me to Dove deodorant AND exfoliating body wash as well as got me giving myself regular 'piticure's. I love their products and the ladies of Edelmans have been a delight to work with, both times. I'm only sorry they won't actually BE at this event.

I do have several giveaways coming up! As I do some Random House book tours, I will give away a copy of a few of the books I will be reading. Also, courtesy of Dove, several of my readers will get free product as well. You're the reason I get these offers, I can't leave you high and dry! So be watching for my freebie posts. I would like to keep fairly regular giveaways on my blog for you all, as a thank you for all that you contribute to my life!

Lastly in 'blog news', I received my first gift from a reader. One who was incredibly insightful in her gift choice and sent me this...

Thanks to Shawn, a darling friend and reader who is currently on deployment. You were so sweet to think of me and send me such a thoughtful, adorable gift. My coworkers also thank you as they will no longer have to hold the door for me as I flash in and out packing for events. You have no idea how handy this gift really is in my work life. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, readership (is this a word?), and your thoughtful gift!

Personal Life.

I've been insanely occupied by my reading the past week or so. This week that includes staying up entirely too late for a work night, reading Shutter Island. I'm attempting to finish this book before I go see it with friends Wednesday night. If you're already seen the movie you can tell me if you do or don't like it but don't spoil it for me, I heard it's different from the book!

I'm anxiously awaiting a few days off to 'beach it' with my best friend Candy on her spring break from grad school. Along with 5 days of vacation together, I'm getting excited for her wedding this Fall! I tried on my bridesmaids dress last week (floor length!). The dresses are orange, which I think is a fabulous choice although I really better stay on top of my tan game this summer by my new pool! She bought a beautiful wedding gown last week. So exciting. I love weddings. And dancing at receptions! Note: I'm a terrible dancer.

My Small Group (through church) just had their first visit to the condo. With all around stamps of approval we're now planning a sleepover there soon. It's so wonderful to finally have a place of my own, to myself, to have people over too. I never feel alone there. I enjoy the quiet when I get it and I have great friends who find ways to invite themselves over the rest of the time. I love that about them.

I'm hosting several gatherings at the condo in the next few months so I've been excited with the progress there. I now have seating! My steal of a find on Craigslist (originally from Scan Design) couch has been a smashing success. I'm anxiously awaiting my Mom's visit during which we're going to upgrade the blinds, repaint my trim, and touch up my walls. She also volunteered to make me curtains and buy me a few things (like a rug) that I'm still lacking. Isn't she the best? Anyway, Mean Girls, Dove Events, and House-warming parties oh my!

Also this month my cousin, Wesley will be down this way playing some baseball for Hamilton College. Can't wait to see him and hopefully my Aunt Ju and Uncle David while they're here watching. I'm glad that Spring Break beings influxes of friends and relatives my way!

Monday nights I'm now co-facilitating a group for the Dave Ramsey class at church, Financial Peace University. Mandy (my co-leader) and I have the best group, I'm sure of it. The first week we had a cookout and got to know everyone. Last night we kicked off Lesson One on saving and how to 'pay yourself first'. Two of our group members are already paying off g's (thousands) of debt. This group knows how to get after it. I love that about them. I'm confident I will learn as much from them as they learn from me, possibly more.

I really need to face H&R Block and get my taxes done this weekend. Gr. I don't know why I'm dreading doing my taxes, especially since I was a first time home buyer in 2009 so my return will be happy.

Ok, I think that's enough about me.



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Shawn said...

Aww I feel honored, not only am I the first to be able to give you a gift from one of your readers as a thank you for all you do... but I get to be included in it as well! Thanks Becca, you're amazing. Keep it up.

Also, glad you liked it. The photo you included was the exact one when I saw it... I thought it was rather fitting for you. Very cute. Glad you choose red too... I think it pops more!

Love ya, and congrats on all the amazing things going on in your life!