Thursday, March 4, 2010


Almost done playing catch up on my goal of 50 books this year, as a week ago I was about 4 books behind schedule! I read 3 books in the past week to catch back up and have now finished 7 books in the 8.5 weeks of 2010. I finished Shutter Island last night as well as saw the movie with friends. I was trying to finish the book before we saw the movie but had 13% left, which I finished last night/this morning. So, it got done.

This book/movie combo was the closest I've seen in a while. The story was the same, and they used almost the exact same wording. But I enjoyed both, though I'd hesitate to recommend them since there was a certain 'creepy' element to them I'm not sure many of you would enjoy. I personally enjoy the occasional psychological thriller as I was subjected to quite a few semesters of Psyc in college, including 'Social psychology of mental disorders' so I find it rather fascinating.

In other news, the blog hit 12K views yesterday afternoon. So thank you to all my faithful readers, that was exciting. : ] I have in my head a personal goal of how many views I'd like there to be this year. But it's not really about numbers, I know. I just prefer to make absolutely everything a game/competition. Don't judge.

My Mom's continued love for my zebra print theme in my house continues! Even while in Washington DC she managed to find some zebra I just couldn't live without that she will be sending to Florida via my aunt when she comes to see my cousin ball this month. Love my Mom...she's so fun.

Wishing I was going to be in North Carolina with the other 3 Christensen (well, Christensen/Breslin) ladies this weekend. My 'Meme' has a birthday this week and the fam has gathered to celebrate back in my Momma's home town of Winston Salem, NC. Dad and I are however, absent. Tear. But we've been consoling each other via the phone since were both 'home alone' this week.

Wishing my Meme (on the left) a very special birthday!


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