Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kell on Earth.

The ladies of the Hills who led me to Kelly

I first fell in love with Kelly Cutrone's abrasive, brutal honesty when Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad worked for People's Revolution in the Hills. Her 'if you have to cry go outside' & 'there's no crying in fashion' tag lines kept me watching not just the girls of the Hills, but her. So when Bravo gave her, her own show, 'Kell on Earth' I set my Tivo immediately.

I've always been fascinated by power house women. Women who burst into an industry and take it by storm. Much like Kelly has done to the PR world of fashion. Her company, People's Revolution, does PR world wide for up-and-coming as well as establish fashion icon. As I sociologist I've studied gender roles inside and out until I'm blue the in face. As far as we've come, it's still hard to be the top in an industry, as a woman.

What I love about the show is that on top of being a little crazy, Kelly Cutrone is an incredible single Mom! Her daughter, Ava, is her main priority. She sends her off to school in the mornings (from an upper story of the same building in which she works) before heading downstairs to conquer the PR world, and she comes back upstairs in time to meet Ava as she comes. Spending the time with her until she tucks her in an night, and heads back downstairs to work til 2:00am or so.

Her relationship with Ava is endearing. The only person she doesn't 'tough love', she's gentle and encouraging. She loves the simple parts of parenting, from homework and story telling to helping Ava pick out clothes to wear to school or one of her Mom's fashion shows.

I, for one, also love her no non-sense (slightly psychotic) office style. She's hard on each and every employee but you can tell she loves them. She also crosses every boundary. In this weeks episode she crashed one of her interns dates, just for fun. She took her assistant and just showed up to meet him. She said she 'likes to be active in her employees personal life'. I think she's hilarious.

Kelly Cutrone & daugther, Ava.


Newly Knable said...

Ugh! My low budget satellite package does not include Bravo. I'm definitely making sure it's included in M.N. Didn't realize People's Revolution did P.R. That makes it even better for me.

Becca Christensen said...

Yes! You must start watching the show...they may have it online? Love her though. She does MOSTLY fashion related PR work, but she does a few other things as well.