Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me time.

Well, my Dove post is coming so never-you-fear. I've got all the images uploaded and the text written, but I need to deal with my vid clips before the post goes up. So hopefully tomorrow. Hold your breath if you like. But I wanted to take a timeout from my party planning entries to talk about what I like to call, 'me time'.

Now you all know from former confessions that I am a scheduler. If it's not written in my planner and highlighted in the appropriate color, it doesn't happen. So for a girl with a plan, I have to make plans to do nothing. Silly? Maybe. But that's just my life. On really busy weeks I have been known to schedule in sleep! So as of late, I've been scheduling my 'me time'. One day per week where I come home, straight from work, and just spend time alone for one night.

These nights have been known to include: reading a ridiculous amount in one night, bubble baths, red box movies, DIY facials or pedis, cleaning out my tivo, cooking, or going to bed ridiculous early just because I can. Sometimes theses nights are a combination of 3 or 4 of the previously mentioned luxuries.

For a girl who goes full speed ahead from 6:45 every morning to after 10 some night with work, volunteering, teaching, and errands crammed in over lunch breaks while returning phone calls and e-mails via blackberry - these nights are a treasure! While I live full throttle by choice, I also chose to have a night to myself weekly to remember all the things I love about my life.

I schedule these nights, allow nothing to cancel them out, and highlight them in pink (which means stuff I'm excited about in planner world). I don't break dates with friends (or guys), commitments at church, or work related items so why should my time alone be negotiable? This is where saying no and keeping schedule boundaries has come in handy.

So my advice this week is to get out a pen and mark across an entire evening on your calender 'me time'. Keep the appointment. And relax. Life is too short not to sit back in a bubble bath and smile about the good people & things in your life.



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