Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ordinary Moments.

I know it's January and for the past few days I took a breif break from my reverb prompts but there's a few left I really wanted to write about...

One special but could be called ordinary moment from 2010 that stands out above the rest for me is a lunch I had with my Dad. He'd invited me out on a father/daughter date which had sadly been overdue for a while. We went out to lunch and just talked about everything - my goals, dreams, fears, disappointments, struggles, battles, loves, victories...the whole 9 yards.

He really helped me hone in on what I need to keep me focus on this year (2011) and how to set some small goals to help me reach my bigger goals.

What makes this moment so special to me is I continue to be touched by what a great Dad I have. Some of my closest friends are less blessed in this area and my heart goes out to them. Even though my Dad has a crazy schedule and his work keeps him busy pretty much year round - I always feel like I'm a priority. He sets aside time to make sure I know that he thinks what I do and what's going on with me is just as important and is higher profile job/life. That friends, is pretty incredible.

I hope for a few more Dad dates in 2011.


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