Friday, January 28, 2011

Using Your Gifts.

Are you using your gifts? This was a question that was recently posed to our church congregation on a Sunday morning but I think can go beyond those of faith. We all have gifts and talents and we are most fulfilled in life when we're able to use them, don't you think?

I have strange talents. I'm not particularly coordinated but I happen to be excellent at organizing things. I'm not sure if this came naturally or if it's the product of my OCD combining with my current career in administration/events that has built me into the organizational maniac I have become.

Well the rubber meets the road this week, kids, because I'm entering into a new volunteer role at least for the next 3 months (at which point I will reanalyze). I'm going to assist with the church softball league in helping them with schedules, rosters, data entry, photography (another gifting of mine), and in general just getting them organized and put together with the man in charge of the league.

Random, I know, for a girl who doesn't know much about any sport other than football - but time to branch out.

If you haven't thought about what you're great at lately and put it to good use, there's no time like the present. Get in there and use your gifts. If you need help thinking of creative ways to do that, well I might just be able to help. Shoot me an e-mail @ and I'll make some suggestions and talk it through with you.


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