Monday, January 31, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts.

When LC was still on the show, I was really into The Hills on MTV. Well now I can feel a little more like her because Tampa is getting our first ever Pinkberry - the fro yo place Lauren and Lo loved on the show and would eat for meals. Jess & I will have to analyse this as we have become fro yo connoisseurs and we've tried literally every fro yo joint in the greater Tampa area. So far, our hearts belong to Yogurtology in South Tampa but we're open to new loves if this Pinkberry turns out to be as great as LC seemed to think.

I also took the advice of a friend I don't believe is a blog reader who told me after I fell in love with Joe's Jeans and told you all about them that I should just check out Paige Premium Denim. Well it was my lucky day - on lunch I found a pair in my size at our new Nordstrom Rack in S. Tampa for ...drum roll please...31 dollars. Marked down from 80, rack price. They denim is super comfy. I will have to have them hemmed so I plan to pop by the tailor tomorrow and get that done since, sadly, I won't be seeing my Mom soon enough for her to hem them for me. Wah.
Over the weekend I did book a flight for 4th of July to spend it in Scottsburg, Indiana with my bff and crew. I'm pretty stoked for that. You may remember from my entry about my last trip that I promised myself I'd be more purposeful in spending time with her and the ones she loves on her turf, not just mine. So while I'm stoked to soak up the Florida sun with her here in Feb, I'm equally pumped to do whatever it is they do to celebrate our independence with her fam and friends.

Bottom line, I'm excited about my life lately. Things are ticking along nicely and I feel like I'm getting some clarity on a few things I have yet to nail down. Life is good. I had 2 things that really needed to fall into place to free me up to do what I wanted in 2011 and over the last 2 weeks they've both happened. I'm pleased to annouce that in April I will have a new roommate. A dear friend of mine who's ready to for a fresh start in the sunshine state, much like I was a few years ago. I'm not sure if she's told everyone yet so I'll keep her name hush hush for now - but I look forward to welcoming her as a batch in my 'batch pad' in the near future.

In addition to my work travels you can look forward to hearing about a Nashville, TN trip in 2011 as well as a Jacksonville trip - 2 destinations I plan to visit in order to see the Colts play as much as possible this year. Plans are in the works to make both of those trips happen this year and I couldn't be anymore excited for that.

Here's to 2011 being the best year yet because it's off to a rockin start.


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Tara said...

Excuse me. When are you coming to texas?