Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweating the Small Stuff.

People are always saying 'don't sweat the small stuff' but I'm inclined to disagree with this statement. I think there's a lot to be said for giving the small things their due, they have a big affect. What the quote probably means and I'm comfortable agreeing with is don't be stressed out be the unimportant things, that much is true. But the small things, those are sometimes profound.

I was frustrated with myself this morning as I bustled around the house trying to get ready for my day. As you know I'm doing the Daniel Fast, as I was challenged to by a blog reader, Paige. So this has required that I spend more time that usual in the kitchen prepping my meals and snacks for the day and packing them up to take to work, bible study, etc. I was in the kitchen chopping strawberries and giving myself a lecture about the state of my slightly messy and in need of cleaning home.

Right as I was in the heat of my self lecture my eyes fell on a pile of cards and valentines treats I'd prepared over the last few nights for a couple special people in my life I wanted to make sure felt loved this month. I set down the knife, took a deep breath, and reminded myself that while there's some things that need putting away (cough cough: laundry) and floors that need vacuuming and swiffering, I've been diligent in the things that matter.

I decided to cut myself a little slack because while my laundry and my floors do need my attention in the near future - I have been faithful in my quiet times, my workouts, note writing, phone call returning, and investing in real relationships. My Dad has always been great about reminding me that 'stuff' is never as important as people, who are irreplaceable.

So this blog is to remind you all that if you're failing at a few of the day to day tasks but you're focusing on a few little things that make all the difference, don't beat yourself up. At the end of life we will never regret the floors that went unmopped so we could send a best friend an encouraging card or the laundry that went unfolded a few days too long while we were grabbing coffee with a girlfriend. Make time for the little things that matter, and while I'm not encouraging you to live in filth, don't sweat the unimportant things, they can wait another day.


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